Marketing Your Home Decor Business Online: The Elements Your Website Needs

Are you starting a home decor business online? Here are some things you need to make sure you have!

Today, in any business you choose to start, you have to have a website. When people are in the market to buy a particular product, or even when they are just bored and need something to browse, they turn to the internet. A business’s website is often where an individual is able to make their first impression of your brand and what it is you have to offer them.

In the home goods and furniture market, things are no different. Although it is true that many may first browse a store’s website, then go on to actually make a purchase for their home in-person at the store, it is no less important for a home decor business to have a quality website for its customers to use.

Your business’s site should be attractive to its users, as well as give them information about the products you have to offer them and help establish a sense of brand identity. To generate sales, make sales leads, and build a positive impression of your home decor brand online, the website for your business must give it credibility by appearing professional and giving the consumer what they are looking for. 

Cohesive Colors and Design

The colors and design elements that you choose for your business site should be both aesthetically pleasing and connect to the style of your business and its product line. People look for and purchase home decor in hopes of making their home more beautiful and representative of their personal style. Your home decor business’s online presence needs to be beautiful and reflective of its style.

Color has some psychological aspects to it. A particular color has the ability to evoke a mood in someone when they come into contact with it. People choose their color preferences based on the way colors make them feel. Use this to the advantage of your home decor business, both with your product selection and the design of your website. If you want your brand to be associated with a relaxed, cozy feel, perhaps use calming neutral colors. If your brand is one that is defined more by strength and pieces that will really make a statement in someone’s home, perhaps use bright, attention-grabbing colors. 

Beautiful Product Images

In order to gain interest in the products your business is selling, you need to show your products in their best light (both literally and figuratively speaking). Invest the resources needed to get high-resolution photographs with good lighting of each of your products that you will put up on your website.

Being able to have quality product visuals available to your website users will bring your products to life in a way that textual product descriptions can not do alone. Photos allow the consumer to see the product and its details and envision how it would look in their own home. 

Focus on Communicating Quality

Convince the visitors to your website that your products are not just like the things they could purchase anywhere else. If your company sells products that are handmade, use your business’s website to tell them a little about how it is that your home decor products are made. Or, if your products are not handmade, describe the process that goes into selecting which items your business will offer its customers.

Communicate the passion for home decor that your business has and how that translates to you offering them quality goods. Show the visitors to your website that your company cares to bring them the best in all the things that will make their house feel a little more like home. 

Cater to Your Target Market

Know who your business is selling to and design your website for them. Conduct market research if necessary in order to properly identify the target market of your home decor business, as well as what they like, don’t like, and what their online habits are. You can distribute a survey, or host a focus group, or conduct one-on-one interviews with some of your buyers. You can also utilize secondary forms of research, like analyzing data already collected by a third party regarding your industry or your competitors.

Once you know about your target market in detail, you can decide how to best serve its wants and needs with your business’s website. Direct those in your target market to your website via social media if they are frequent social media users. Offer them products at a wide variety of prices if they are shoppers who seek out both investment pieces and good deals. If they are primarily millennials, give them a selection of goods that would be suitable for a first home. Cater specifically to the audience that your business has for itself.

Think Mobile

Simply stated, the website of your home decor business must be mobile-friendly. If a mobile user goes to pull up your site on their device and the site is poorly formatted, their interest in your business and the credibility they mentally assign to it are immediately lost.

People make purchases from their smartphones and tablets, too. Approximately 20 percent of all furniture and home goods purchases made online are done from a mobile device. Your home decor business certainly can’t afford to miss out on customer purchases due to the customers not having the ability to do so easily from their phone.

Make your home decor business relevant in your area and market and easy for the public to find by giving it its own online presence. Use your business’s website to convey your brand’s personality and to engage your target market. With the right design and informational elements included in your website, you can positively market your home decor business and give its target market what it desires to see from your brand online.