New in Décor: Make Your Home Stylish and Safe with Safety Light Curtains

Who knew a new decorating trend would actually add safety and security to your home? Safety light curtains not only boost your home’s curb appeal and make it look great, but they are also a great home security system! Check out how…

When you have a home and a family, nothing is more important than keeping them safe. Unfortunately, we live in a scary world, a world full of people with nefarious intentions. To keep those people out and the people we love safe, many homeowners are looking for new and innovative security measures for their homes. The need for added security has given rise to the development of many new kinds of alarm systems in recent years including the newer safety light curtains manufacturers are starting to put out.

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Photo: Simmons Estate Homes

In their infancy, alarm systems were really quite rudimentary, but as technology has changed and improved, the safety measures these systems employ are now very sophisticated. However, these technological advances have also made home alarm systems quite costly, and often cost-prohibitive, for many families. There is an answer, however.

In most cases, homeowners don’t really need to purchase and install a complex alarm system to keep burglars and intruders at bay. Instead, often all that is needed is to increase the amount of light that is shone around the property. This discourages intruders because they cannot hide under cover of darkness. This is where safety light curtains come in.

Basically, the idea behind safety light curtains is that they discourage burglars by brightly illuminating areas around your home and property much more than a standard porch or garage light could. Contrary to their name, these devices really aren’t “curtains” at all. They are actually comprised of a series of lights strung together to provide bright illumination to a particular area. The light they give off is, as you would suspect, very bright. You will need to connect your safety light curtains to a powerful electricity supply as a result.

Photo: Morrow and Corp

One of the great things about safety light curtains is that because they are a series of individual lights, it is easy to customize the curtain to meet your needs. You can easily shorten or lengthen the area of coverage, allowing you to cast more or less light on certain areas as you need. (Less light shining in your neighbour’s window, more light in your backyard, for example). Ideally, for best security it is recommended that homeowners extend their safety light curtains all the way around the property, but this can be a bit costly on your electricity. A more economical approach is to choose strategic points to illuminate. It is also possible to run these lights on solar energy through silicone panels or wind turbines, but always investigate the pros and cons of these options before you go that route.

If you are looking for a way to up the ante on your home’s safety, safety light curtains are a good option. Less expensive and more customisable than traditional alarm system, these systems are gaining more and more popularity.