DIY Ideas: Here’s How to Make Something Awesome with Wooden Pallets

Don’t throw your wooden pallets out to waste, here are some AMAZINGLY creative DIY ideas to up cycle in style!

So many things are delivered or sold on wooden pallets, from products bought in a warehouse grocery store to building materials. Once you get those pallets home and unloaded, however, what do you do with them? Yes, you could simply toss them in the recycling bin, but there are so many more creative things you can do with them! It’s amazing what a healthy dose of imagination and a few craft supplies can do to transform a mundane item like a wooden pallet into something spectacular!

Even if you don’t happen to have wooden pallets hanging around, you can still use the following ideas. It’s pretty easy to get your hands on pallets, actually. Most stores and businesses will be only too happy to hand them off to you for free, since otherwise they would have to find a way to dispose of them themselves.

There is virtually no end to the list of things you can do with a wooden pallet. Here are some ideas:

diy pallet sofa

Pallet Sofa Day Bed

pallet diy dog bedPallet DIY Dog Bed


A Swimming Pool from Pallets

pallet terraceFull Terrace Made of Pallets

Remember that pallets are essentially just wood pieces put together with nails. With that in mind, you can either use them as is to construct various items or you can (carefully!) take them apart and use the wood to make something totally new. No matter what you use your pallets for, it’s important that you thoroughly wash them with warm soapy water and allow them to dry before you use them, to remove any chemicals that may be on the outside of the wood. Also, if you are going to use the pallets outside, it’s important to treat the wood with paint or stain or another similar product. Pallets are usually made from low-quality wood and they will not withstand the elements if you do not protect them first.

One of the best ways to use a pallet outdoors is to use it as a garden planter. To do this, you can either leave the pallet on its side or you can hang it and use it vertically, such as from a fence or on the side of your house. From there, fill the spaces between the slats with potting soil and whatever seeds you want to plant (this is great for herbs and other edible plants, but flowers work well, too, and look awesome!). Water the plants as usual and voila! A rustically beautiful addition to your garden at virtually no cost to you!

Wooden pallets are great fodder for your next craft project. Whether you use them indoors or outdoors, break them apart or use them as they are, the possibilities for transforming them into something beautiful for your home or your yard.

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