Offices and workspaces need proper design and window treatment. Our working abilities and possibilities depend on a good environment!

Photo: Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.

An office is a place where we spend the most of our days. Approximately 8-9 hours in one room can be exhausting. This is why it’s important to set the mood of the room. To motivate and energize the team, you need to find the best solution for your office windows. Office window treatment should be productive and beneficial. It shouldn’t make workers fall asleep, nor should it distract them from work. Office designers try to properly structure and shape the rooms so that workers won’t feel caged. Office window solutions are important too.

If there’s a good view from your private workspace in Denver, you might want to try something light and practical. If you want total privacy, stick with blinds. If you have the more open-minded attitude towards personalization, you can let your coworkers choose the style.

The list you’re going to see below is good for coworking spaces, offices and home offices. See what you can find for yourself. And look for the professional advice from Rescom designs.

Photo: Sussan Lari Architect PC

1.) Try going with plantation shutters. If you are in the small office and in a crowded neighborhood, you could use a little bit quietness. These shutters reduce outside noises. You can control them easily to let the right amount of light in.  Open shutters provide great daylight. Closed shutters provide privacy and quietness. Additional benefits can be the decrease of glare on your computer monitor. Plantation shutters work as distraction reducers, but they can also be a great addition to room accessories. They are beautiful and can cover up every form of window.  Plantation shutters are popular in today’s offices, so you won’t have trouble finding them.

2) Go with the classic shades on the windows. If you like softness in your office, shades are the best suit for you. You can customize the shades. You can choose the color, or personalize the visuals.  Shades come in sizes and styles too. You can select a cellular style, roman shades, and woven woods. There are more to come through. You can also pick patterns and final details.

Photo: Lisa Michael Interiors

3) If you’re concerned about your budget and installing new windows, you can try blinds. Simple, traditional and practical blinds. Blinds give you control of the light, but they are not as durable as plantation shutters. Blinds can easily break and require changing. Another downside of owning blinds is that they don’t reduce outside noises. But you can still benefit from blinds. They give office rooms more solid and professional looks. They can be used as privacy tools. You can choose the colors too, and think about different materials.

Now is the time to improve your office. Working in one room for 8 hours can be tiring. You can decorate your home office, and use these ideas to give your company’s design a window treatment idea.

Important thing is that you feel comfortable and productive while looking at your office windows. Remember, don’t rush with the decision-making process. Choose the right color, pattern, and material. Decorate your office the way your mind wants to.