What’s New – All About Planting Cute Cucamelons

Cucamelons have got to be the cutest fruit ever! Easy to grow and maintain, this fruit can be pickled, put in salads, or eaten right off the vine.

We love cucamelons! They look like tiny watermelons, and are a must-have for your garden in the summer. This tasty fruit is native to Mexico and Central America and it grows on a large vine. It usually yields a large bounty, and the vines will take over your garden if you don’t keep them under control.

What's New - All About Planting Cute Cucamelons1

To get started, plant the seeds indoors from April to May. When the risk of frost is over, transfer them outside and provide them with a trellis to climb. Keep them well-watered and watch them thrive!

What's New - All About Planting Cute Cucamelons2

Cucamelons have a unique taste – like a combination of lime and cucumber. They go great on salads, and can even be pickled, too! If you’re not a fan of either, just eat them straight off the vine!

What's New - All About Planting Cute Cucamelons3

Photos: BNPS, She Eats, Homegrown Revolution, Garden Posts.