Bringing some life into your plain curtains has never been easier! Decorate them with ribbons, tassels, or cut them up to create a different style. Keep reading to see how you can makeover your boring curtains on a budget!

We all know that curtains aren’t cheap, and replacing them to keep up with your decor or mood can be costly. We’ve got 4 tips and tricks on how you can update the curtains you already have on a budget. Check them out!

1. Tassels

You can hang tassels from the corners of your curtains, or in a row along the top. This works well for curtains with a subtle pattern or no pattern at all. Curtains with a loud pattern can look too busy and distracting with tassels. Placing a tassel on the bottom corners of your curtains can accent them without making your curtains look distracting. You can also use tassels to add a formal touch to your plain curtains, making a room feel fancier. Another idea is using them to make curtain ties, adding a subtle dressy effect.

update boring curtains plain diy tassels

2. Ribbon

Ribbons come in many styles, sizes, designs, and colors that the possibilities of decorating with it are endless. You can try sewing a bright, wide ribbon across the bottom of each curtain panel for a pop of color. For narrow ribbons, group them in pairs or groups of three. Use coordinating patterns and colors.

diy update plain curtains ribbons tassels

3. Reuse

Don’t throw out your old curtains! Reuse them! Cut the bottom off each curtain panel to make them shorter, or make a valance for your kitchen windows. Old curtains can also be used to make a fabric shower curtain. Make sure you put a plastic one behind the fabric curtain to prevent it from getting ruined. Old curtains can also be used to make throw pillows or floor cushions.

update plain curtains window valence easy decor tassels ribbons

4. Refacing

Change the look of your curtains by covering them with a whole new piece of fabric. Instead of creating curtains from scratch, use them as a base for your new fabric. You only need to cover the side of the panel that is facing the room. Cut off a piece of fabric and stitch it to the sides of your curtain. This saves you an extra step in creating new curtains from scratch.

diy curtains easy tassels ribbons

Photos: View Along the Way, Love Maegan, BHG, The Inspired Room.