The Most Unusual uses for Solar Power in Your Garden

Give your garden a facelift with solar powered devices!

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Gardens can provide a place of solitude to get away from the pressures of work, the city, or just everyday life. They can provide areas to hold gatherings and bring people together for BBQs and drinks. They can also provide safe havens for children to play in.

Outdoor spaces offer so many different things to individuals, and they can be used in a variety of ways. People like to add lighting, decking, and ponds, to their gardens. Trees can add value, and also provide shade and shelter. If you are looking for environmentally friendly ways to give your garden a facelift, you could do worse than to consider implementing solar power in some way. Want to add path lights? Use solar power. Want to add some porch lights? Use solar power. Everyone knows that you can power outdoor lights with solar energy, but there are some other very unusual uses too. 

How Popular is Solar Power in the Garden?

Lighting is by far the most popular way to utilize solar energy outdoors in residential areas. Lights can be added to decking, paths, driveways, around pools, and just about anywhere in the garden. Solar power security lights are popular also, and help to make homeowners feel safer. Yet there are a number of other ways in which solar power is being used in the garden. Some of them might be very surprising, and others you may have seen but just not realized they were being powered by sunlight. 

What are the Most Unusual Solar-Powered Garden Devices?

Before you get to see some of the surprising ways that solar power can be used in the garden it is important to note that unusual does not mean useless. These devices may be surprising, but they all have their benefits, and they may start to become much more commonplace. One of the surprising ways alternative energy can be used is with patio umbrellas. You probably didn’t think a patio umbrella needed power, but what if they had lots of small LEDs to provide lighting at night? Using solar patio umbrellas outdoors means that you and your guests can enjoy a pleasantly lit al-fresco meal in the evening without being blinded. These umbrellas also provide UV protection in the daytime and are the perfect accessory for any garden furniture.

The patio can provide the perfect gathering space, and it is great for sitting down and enjoying some home-cooked BBQ in the warmer seasons. The benefit of a solar patio umbrella, of course, is that the light it provides doesn’t get charged to your utility bill. The power comes from the sun, so in the daytime, it stores energy as you chill in the shade, and at night it lights up for hours on end. 

More Unusual Ways to Use Solar Power in the Garden

Here are a number of other devices and gadgets you can use in your garden that are powered by the sun. 

Solar Clocks

Although you might normally think of clocks as being indoors, many people have outdoor rooms and areas now. Decking is no longer confined to just a simple platform. Coverings can be added, and sides too. Gazebos, summer houses, and sheds are commonplace also. A solar-powered clock could make an attractive addition to an outdoor room and have practical uses too. Although many people like to forget all about time while they are relaxing in the garden, so it’s not for everyone. 

Solar Rock Speakers

No, these speakers aren’t only limited to playing rock music, they are shaped like rocks. Ideal for hiding in rockeries, adding to the patio, or sitting near the pool. Bluetooth enabled, these speakers fit into the garden landscape seamlessly while providing tunes for pool parties and other get-togethers. 

Solar lighting

You are already aware that garden lights can be solar-powered. But, are you aware of all the strange options there are? Floating colored lights are available for pools and ponds. Other solar lights can be completely placed underwater in ponds. Solar lights can be embedded in walkways. Others can mimic flames, and some are more novelty inclined and are shaped as gnomes, robots, cats, and ladybirds. Colored uplights can be used to create gradients on your walls and your home. This can add some serious ambiance and atmosphere to a garden. 

Solar Showers

This may sound like a solar occurrence like a meteor shower or solar flares. However, it really does refer to a regular shower. Anyone with a swimming pool understands the need for people to shower before jumping in. Sun cream and other lotions play havoc with the pool’s chlorine and contaminate the water. Yet, building outdoor showers isn’t always convenient, or budget-friendly. Besides, you might not want an outdoor shower taking up space in your garden. Never fear, solar power is here. Solar showers are primarily used for camping, but there is no reason they cannot also be used in the garden alongside a swimming pool.

Solar Pond Pumps

If you have a fountain, a pond, or other water feature, you may well have a pump installed. This uses electricity and adds to your energy bills. Well, once again there is a solar-powered solution to hand, and it’s great if you are looking for ways to save money in your home. Solar pond pumps are available for anyone with a water feature that needs a constant flow. A great way to make your garden a little greener. 

Solar Outdoor Cookers

It might take some time to convince a serious BBQ fan that they should switch to solar power, but the equipment is available if you can. Grills, ovens, and barbecues, are now available for anyone who wants to cook using sustainable energy. Combine this with your solar patio umbrella, and you could be enjoying a greener BBQ next summer.

Why Would you Want to use Solar Power for a Garden?

The truth is, that traditional power sources are harming the planet. Forty percent of all electricity in the world comes from coal. The World Counts reports that 39% of all carbon dioxide comes from coal also. This means everyone should try to reduce their consumption of coal-fired electricity. The whole point of a garden is to be among nature, at least to a degree. So then it makes sense to use a green and clean source of energy outdoors too. You will reduce the number of cables in your garden through solar energy, which in turn makes the place safer too. You will also save money when it comes to paying the electricity bill. 


Some solar power devices can seem strange at first. Solar backpacks, solar bikinis, and solar car roof panels are among the more unusual options. However, many devices such as those above offer plenty of pros, and very few cons. The US government seems to think so too, as they have extended incentives for installing solar panels. The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy offers a guide to the federal tax credit for homeowners installing photovoltaic solar panels. There is still money to be saved by turning a home into a sustainably powered one. If you don’t want to go that far, then consider solar when you are buying garden devices and accessories. A solar patio umbrella and some rock speakers could make for a very enjoyable evening.