5 Home Styling Trends to Covet in 2021

Check out these 5 home styling trends that designers are obsessed about for 2021!

Photos By: Pexels

If your interior design is looking a little rough around the edges and is in need of an update, then checking up on the latest trends and seeing which one catches your eye is the only option. There are a multitude of fashions to consider aligning your home with at the moment, so here are just a few routes to consider taking as you revamp your key living spaces this year.

Maximalism is Back with a Bang

When you talk about boundary-pushing interior design, most people immediately make the leap to imagining minimalist, sparse spaces featuring neutral furnishings, natural materials and nothing else. However, in 2021 the return of maximalism has flipped the script completely, to the point that almost anything goes. Bold colours, brash patterns and a mishmash of furnishings are all acceptable under the free and easy attitude of maximalist design. All you need to remember is that to avoid things feeling too chaotic, it still makes sense to choose a couple of hues to act as the anchor for the rest of the room. Sites like Livingcozy.com are a good place to start if you want to find those foundational pieces around which you can build the rest of the space.

Angular Furniture is Out

If you are sick and tired of all your furniture being composed of straight lines and 90 degree angles, then you will be pleased to hear that this year the trend is for curvaceous pieces which have a sculpted feel. Softer edges that echo other accessories in the room, such as ceramic vases and cylindrical lampshades, can be a real boon if you are eager to make your living spaces feel more organic and less sterile and man-made.

Vintage and Modern can Coexist

Some people prefer simpler, more traditional styling options for their homes, and this might be particularly appropriate if the age of your property matches this kind of aesthetic. Further good news comes from the fact that professional designers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of melding old and new items without worrying about the ways in which retro and contemporary pieces might clash with one another. One of the main reasons for this trend’s ascent is that reclaimed materials are now far more common in the era of sustainability, so even brand new items can come with that worn, weathered look to them. This blurs the lines between past and present and can create a classic, cottage feel in the heart of urban areas.

Earthy Tones are on the Rise

In contrast to the in-your-face aspects of maximalism, those who prefer a less assertive aesthetic will be pleased to learn that a lot of major designers and paint producers alike are doing their best to bring natural colors back to the table in 2021. Earthy, natural tones like browns and greens are especially appealing, while rusty, rich reds can also be found in many cutting edge spaces. One of the perks of these colors is that they go particularly well with unpainted wooden furniture, and again the desirable status of reclaimed materials feeds into this trend.

Practical Spaces are Being Given Priority

The events of the past 18 months have caused many people to rethink the way they use different parts of their homes, and so more attention is being paid to the home office than ever before. Industrial-style shelving and desks are especially on-trend right now, for the obvious reasons that they both serve a useful function and do a good job of replicating what would be found in a commercial office space.

So as you can see, interior design trends can both appeal to the eye of the beholder and also be a useful reaction to broader circumstances.