Trending Wall Decor Ideas for 2021

After a whole year (and more) being forced to spend time at home, many of us have gotten the chance (and the time) to spruce up our homes!

From getting new furniture to create a more comfortable space to DIY projects that you never thought you’d try to amp up the aesthetics. Looking around your new and improved home, you notice something that doesn’t quite fit in with your new space. Your bare living room wall sure doesn’t go with your brand new $2,000 dollar couch! We hear your dilemma, so here are some of the popular wall decor ideas for 2021 that you really should give a go!

Trending Wall Decor Ideas for 2021

Be Bold

Have you ever noticed the walls of your favourite upper-class bars or restaurants? They are usually bold and accented. Using a splash of bold colours on a bland wall will give it some personality. It will also help you to recreate a swanky atmosphere. The best thing about an accent wall is that you don’t have to do much else to tie the space together.

Statement Painting

Slap a large accent painting onto a wall, and you won’t have to do anything else. Since the focus is already on the painting, putting up more decoration might drown it out. Your space might also become a little tacky. It goes without saying, the art you choose should complement the theme of your space. This includes the size, colours, and visuals on the painting.


Plants have been a big part of 2020 as many of us activated our green fingers during lockdown to bring some greenery into our homes. The good news is, you can’t have too many plants at home because even if you run out of space on the ground, there’s always hanging plants! All they need is an initial supporting structure and just let your new hanging plant do its thing.


Bookcases are a low-cost idea. They also have a dual function, both as a decoration and as a place to keep your books in order. It’s also an idea that avoids damaging the wall, so if you’re staying in a rented property, this idea would be best to avoid having to pay for any damages down the line.

Photo Gallery

Instead of showing off your best pictures on your phone or polaroid, why not frame them up and create a photo gallery? A wall gallery of photos typically consists of 4 to 5 different-sized photos. How you arrange them, as well as the color theme you select, are crucial aspects to note. It is also important to note that if you stay within the same colour scheme of your room, it could seem monotonous. To avoid this, try using some contrasting colours.


Tapestries are also a budget-friendly option to decorate any wall. If you want a large painting but it’s out of your price range, tapestry is your next best option to consider. Today, you can find a variety of beautifully designed tapestries for sale. Being so affordable, easy to hang up and take down, you could experiment with a few designs to see which fits best with your room. Then, just re-sell or give away the ones you don’t need!


A pegboard is for those who can’t make up their mind about which decor to settle for your wall because you can put virtually anything you want. Plants, books, trophies, photo frames, you name it. Pegboards are a more personalised way of decorating your wall without having to pay expensive fees for commissioning custom decorations. Plus, you can also keep changing up the patterns over time without much effort.

Wall Stickers

High-quality wall decals are cost-effective, easy to put up/take off without leaving any mess, and come in a variety of designs and colours. Wall stickers are also designed to last, so if you are someone who is looking for a permanent solution with minimal work, this decor idea is for you. As you can see from our tips above, there are many ways to amplify a boring wall. Not sure which idea is the best for your space? Spend some more time staring at the wall and its surrounding space, and the answer will surely come to you. If not, try out the simpler, more budget-friendly, and customisable tips first! Because you never know, they might just be what you are looking for.

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