Preparing for a Foundation Inspection

You may want to have a house inspection if you have damage or want to sell your home. An inspection can also help you raise or maintain the value of your home!

Foundation problems often begin with small cracks or unlevel ground. An inspector can determine if you need repairs to reverse damage to the property. You can prepare for a successful inspection by making sure kids and pets are out of the way. You may also need to move furniture to expose damaged areas. Make a list of damages and questions to make the appointment easier, as well. With a thorough inspection, you can begin to improve the quality of your home.

Find the Right Company

You need a reputable company to complete a Birmingham Alabama foundation repair. You can look online for a foundation repair company. Most websites have a detailed description of the company and their services. You can also read online reviews to find out if other customers approve of their work. A friend or family member may provide a quality recommendation, as well. 


Clear the House

Your inspector needs to concentrate on the job while in your home. Pets and children can become a distraction. You can make the inspector feel more comfortable by taking your dogs for a walk or placing animals in a crate. Perhaps you can also have a friend or family member watch small children during the appointment. 

Remove Obstructions

If you know the inspector needs to see specific areas of your home, move furniture or clutter that may inhibit their visibility. If you know of a crack in the bedroom wall, for example, move the dresser so they can see it easily. Closets, attics, and garages, can also become problem areas for house inspectors. Homeowners often fill these areas with storage items, making it impossible to see the walls or floors. You can call the company before the inspection to find out if you need to clear these areas before the appointment. 

Make a List

You may schedule a foundation consultation if you notice damage to the home. This may include cracks in the walls, standing water, or unlevel flooring. Make a list of problems before the inspector arrives if you have several items to address. You may also have questions you would like to ask. Homeowners may notice minor discrepancies over time. Document each problem as you find it so your inspector can understand the condition of the house well. 

A quality house inspection may take up to four hours. You can make the process easier by removing children and pets from the home. If you must have pets or kids in the house, keep them out of the way. You can also move furniture or rugs to help the inspector reach problem areas. Good preparation helps your inspection day run smoothly. Take the time to find a quality home inspection company and discuss concerns before the appointment. A home inspection remains the first step to diagnosing your structural and foundation problems.