4 Things You Should Know if You Want to Have a Reptilian Pet

Even though reptiles are not traditional pets, they make great animal companions!

Photos By: Unsplash

They are fun to interact with and are also hypoallergenic. Since they are not common pets like cats and dogs, a lot of people get intimidated by taking care of these animals. Of course, there are different things you will need to think about, but don’t worry. Reptiles are quite easy to take care of. But, to help you welcome your new pet into your home, we have prepared a list of 4 things you should know about reptilian pets.

Proper Food

Like any other animal, your reptilian pet will need you to give it proper care. They will need to have proper food and environment. Depending on what kind of a reptile you will get, these things will differ. Do your research to see what kind of food you will need to get and whether you have a shop nearby where you can buy it whenever you need it. Some reptiles eat plants, while others enjoy insects or rodents. For instance, tortoises love eating fruits and plants, while some others such as snakes rather eat live mice.

When you feed your pet is also important. Pros on reptilian pets from https://reptile.guide say that lizards, for example, should have food at all times since they have their appetite. But of course, that won’t be true for every type of reptile. So, before you get one, ask your vet how you should properly feed your future reptilian pet.

Proper Environment

Depending on the species, and its size, your reptile will need to have a proper cage. Besides the size and the things inside the cage, it must provide good physical comfort for them. This means that the cage’s temperature, as well as humidity, need to be somewhat similar to the reptile’s origin. Ask your vet about all of this. Ask them what kind of light and/or heat fixture you should get. You will need to choose a proper light bulb and a proper heat bulb. All of these things are important for your reptilian pet. To have normal behaviors such as feeding, mating, and diurnal movement, and to be healthy, reptiles need certain wavelengths of light and temperature. When it comes to humidity, you will probably need to install misting equipment, foggers, or drippers. If your pet is too sensitive to humidity, you will need a humidity alert device as well. So, before you put your pet reptile in a cage, make sure they will be safe and healthy there. 


Unlike cats, and especially dogs, who have very distinct emotions and emotional bonding behaviors, reptiles show very little of these behaviors. Even though they are capable of becoming friendly and recognizing your smell and voice, they may not reciprocate all the love you give them. Nevertheless, when you get a reptile, be ready for a long-term commitment. Reptiles normally live a long life. Some lizards can live up to 20 years, and some turtles up to 30. So, before you go out and buy a reptilian pet, check if you and your family are ready for such an animal. The easiest way to do so is simply to go to a pet store and see your first impressions. If your emotional response from holding a lizard or petting a snake is not a positive one, think about whether you want to have a reptilian pet after all. 

Can Your Vet Treat a Reptile?

Just like in the case of any other type of animal, you will need to have a vet who can treat your reptilian pet. Unfortunately, not every vet is knowledgeable about reptile medicine. So, research your area to find one that is. Depending on where you live, you might have to widen your search geographically. If you can’t find any reptile vets around you, maybe getting one is not the best idea. The biggest mistake people make in cases like that is relying on pet store personnel for medical advice. Please do not do this since they are not specialized in this field and could possibly harm your pet. 

To sum things up, before you run to the store and buy the cutest chameleon or turtle, do your research. You must know what kind of food your pet would need, to know if you can provide it. Your reptilian pet needs to feel comfortable and safe in its environment. Of course, everything is a learning curve. Make sure you have covered all the basics we have talked about to know that you are ready to adopt a cute reptile into your home.