Here is exactly how you can clean your gutters, the safe and effective way!

Photos By: Freepik

What is the big deal about cleaning gutters? Plenty. Over 28,000 accidents occur each year by climbing up ladders to perform maintenance. Gutter cleaning is a task that is often forgotten about but is a home maintenance project that should be regularly completed. It may appear to be a simple task but understand what procedures to follow and why. Here are some important tips on how to clean gutters effectively. It could save you misery in the long run.

Get out the Protective Gear

Goggles for protecting your eyes is highly recommended. Flying debris, bird feces, and that occasional wasp or bee can hit your eyes in seconds. Don’t take the chance. Also, keep your mouth and nose covered to avoid unwanted contaminants. Wear suede gloves if possible. They will protect your hands from the sharp edges of gutters and you won’t encounter any seeping sewage. Footwear should consist of non-slip rubber-soled boots as you will be climbing on the roof.

Avoid Power Lines 

Power lines are deadly. One slip on a ladder or roof can cause you to reach for anything close. Do not put yourself in a position where power lines are within reach. It is not worth the danger.

Ensure you have all the Necessary Tools

Here is a general list of what type of tools you should have when you begin cleaning your gutters:

— Gutter scoop

— Garden hose with a nozzle

— Small hand trowel

— Good cleaning solution

— Hard bristled broom and hand brush

— Sturdy ladder

— Green waste bags or tarp for catching debris

Being unprepared can cause you to try and move forward without the needed gutter cleaning tools. It is better to have everything necessary instead of finding you need items halfway through the job.

First, hose down the roof with pressurized water and detergent. The guck from the roof will land in the gutters and save time when removing all of the debris is done. You will find that this saves you a step in clearing away the muck. Don’t forget that cleaning your roof is another important task that should be done as well as cleaning your gutters.

Install Gutter Guards

Once you have cleaned the roof, removed debris from gutters, and scrubbed the inside lining, consider installing gutter guards to prevent as much build-up next season. Fitting gutter guards over existing gutters can help keep gutters from becoming clogged. You will spend less time keeping your gutters clear.

Hire a Professional if you are Unsure

There are professional gutter cleaning companies that can take the time and worry out of cleaning your gutters. The cost of hiring a gutter cleaner is well within reason for the service you receive. So, if you are unsure of power lines, scrubbing your roof adequately, or the replacement of worn gutters, it may be best to contact a professional to take on the task.

The best way to clean gutters is to put your safety first, have the right tools second, and protect your guttering with guards or to clean on a regular basis. Cleaning your gutters is a necessary approach to protecting your foundation, roof, and eavesdrops. If you are ever in question as to what needs to be done, contact a specialist in the gutter cleaning field and let them take care of your task.