Housekeeping Tips for The Busy Working Moms

Are you a busy working mom who struggles to stay on top of the housework? If so then we have some great tips for you on how you can keep the house clean, whilst still being a great mom and a perfect professional!

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There are many couples across the country who deal with this problem and it is something of a welcome, modern day phenomenon, given that having two professionals in the house was never a concern many years ago. Regardless of how hard you work, nobody wants to come home to a messy house, so here are some tips on staying on top of it all.

Bringing in the Troops

In days of old one of the couple, usually the woman, would have been the homemaker whilst the other would have gone out to work. Now that in most cases both work it means that there is less time for homemaking, but it does mean that there is more money coming in. This is why it is a smart idea for some of that money to go towards a cleaning service. When it comes to house cleaning Hobart has some amazing teams of people who will come into your home on a daily or weekly basis, and make sure that the house is gleaming when you come home from work.

Tight Rules For The Home

Ultimately the worst moments of having an unkempt house is when you wake up in the morning or when you come home from work. This is why implementing some tight rules on the family will be essential. No going to bed before dishes are washed and rooms are tidied, and no going to school or work until the same thing has happened. What could be a fun idea and a good way to stay on top of this, is to introduce a fine system, with forfeits for those who do not hold up their side of the deal.

Take It Traditional

Speaking on days of old, there are some aspects of those days that we can incorporate into the modern world. For example designating one day as washing and cleaning day, and one day only. This used to be done to save energy, now it can be done to save time. This would certainly make sure that the washing is taken care of on your day off, and then you can forget about it for the rest of the week.

Broken Windows Theory

The theory of broken windows suggests that you’d be more likely to break a window if there were many already broken in the street, than if there were none. We can apply this to the home and making sure that everything is organized first. If we have a home where there is a home for everything and clearly labeled areas where we know that things should be, then it is much more likely that we will follow suit and follow those rules. If we start with chaos, then chaos will ensue.

Try these tips to make sure that you stay on top of the housework.