Useful Pressure Washer Accessories That Might Interest You

Pressure washers are a great tool for cleaning many different surfaces. From cars to patios, having a pressure washer at your disposal is going to be helpful!

Photo By: Pexels

What can make them even more useful is getting a range of attachments for them? This article aims to tell you about a few accessories that might interest you, for getting the most out of your pressure washer. 

Wrap Up Your Reel

As you tend to need to get your pressure washer to cover long distances, you often end up with a very long reel of hose. Any long lengths of cable are prone to get tangled and potentially kinked which makes them harder to use, especially when they are trying to push water through them. By getting a pressure washer hose reel you can solve all of these problems and keep your pressure washer wrapped up all neat and tidy. Having one of these will preserve the longevity of your hose. 

Foam Party

A common attachment to get for a pressure washer is a foamer. Foamers are little bottles that are attached underneath the end of your pressure washer. You fill up the bottles with a soap solution and the water gets pushed through this bottle and creates foam. These attachments are especially useful for cleaning cars as they will help you remove hard grime. 

Rotating Brush Head

Pressure washers are great for general cleaning but on their own, it can be difficult to clean surfaces with a lot of caked-on dirt. To stop you from having to wash something down with a pressure washer and then scrub it and then wash it again, a rotating brush head combines the two. These attachments will rotate whilst also passing water through the end. This would save water as well as a lot of elbow grease as it does all the hard work for you. If you’ve got something that needs a real deep clean, a rotating brush head is a way to go. 

Patio Cleaner

Pressure washers on their own are pretty good at cleaning patios. If you are in the habit of cleaning them regularly and don’t let the grime build up then you’ll probably be okay. If you’ve inherited a dirty patio though, you will need a special patio cleaner head. Patio cleaner heads are sort of a combination of a foamer and rotating brush head. You fill them with a strong detergent and they scrub the patio with a hard brush, whilst water constantly streams through. A patio cleaner attachment is essential for cleaning up your patio.

Under Pressure

Pressure washers are a great bit of kit, they have so many different uses. You can unlock the potential of your pressure washer by buying a few choice attachments. Getting a hose reel will help preserve the longevity of your washer, a foamer will make sure stuff gets real clean, a rotating brush head will scrub for you and a patio cleaner will spruce up your garden as you’ve never seen it before. These are just a few choice attachments, there are many more out there to upgrade your pressure washer into a lean, mean cleaning machine.