The Top Irrigation Systems To Squash Your Garden Worries Once And For All

Install a garden irrigation system around your home to make gardening easy once and for all!

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Good friends of ours have recently come into some inheritance money and decided to use it to upgrade their gardens around their house, and let’s just say it was money well spent. It wasn’t so much that they could go and spend it on buying a new house, but the gorgeous home they already lived in got a complete facelift, and with summer around the corner the garden became a priority.

We are a group of friends who grew up in a hot climate and the norm was to be outside, barefoot, and the kids running crazy on the grass through the sprinklers, it was heaven. My husband and I have continued this practice with our children and so our circle of mates basically followed suit, and so during summer, the kitchen is concreted outdoors.


When you are outside till all hours of the evening the greenery and surroundings should reflect the mood, set the tone in a way, and keep the home feeling cozy irrespective of there is no sunshine. For this, you would either need to be green-fingered and quite creative or instill the help of the professionals who know how to make a vision become a reality. You want to be able to sit and relax, listening to Bossa’s vibes over the speakers, and look into the garden with a smile. Lush green trees and grass, soft-toned lighting, and walls with organic wood boxes filled and overflowing with herbs and flowers. And this was exactly the image you got with our friends’ new outdoor area, it looked like a magazine article. If you are looking to redo your exterior then check out these images here for some inspiration and to get the creative ball rolling, you’ll be ‘pottering around’ the greenery in no time. There is nothing greater than being with loved ones in your home and enveloped by nature.

The How

The big question we all ask, how did you manage such an amazing feat? Sure you can purchase all the shrubbery, plants, and flowers, research how best to lay it all out, but then there comes the dreaded chore of maintenance. If you are anything like me then keeping plants (even cactus I struggle with) alive seems to be as unnatural a skill as flying, I just cannot figure out what is going wrong. My husband knows I love plants and all things green in and around the home. It creates a coziness, is a design feature in some cases, and provides oxygen, of course, win-win, but we hired in a company to set it all up, they explained a few key elements to adhere to and booked in routine maintenance checks and we haven’t looked back. (We also still have a full home of living plants.) I recommended them to our friends and they were delighted. The company worked hand in hand with their requests, queries, and ‘vision board’ and brought it to life.

They had a top-of-the-line irrigation system installed, from sprinklers to pumps, to drip taps that filter through and down their award-winning herb wall, it was all automated and all the while using great quality equipment. I know nothing about taps or pipes that make the system work but these tools look great as well as being functional, what’s not to love? See some great services and tools at this website where you’ll find everything you need to begin your new project and you can find out the best options for your garden layout from industry experts.

Why Irrigation is Important

Besides the fact that your plants will live, having a watering system in place that fits the design and shape of the area wanting to be grown makes it more efficient and effective. It manages and regulates the times the plants or grass need watering, how much, and gets straight to the roots where the water is absorbed. There are various implementations of systems, you can use a drip method or a spray technique, perhaps even a combination of the two to get the best of both worlds ideally.

Drip or Spray

The more popular of the two I have come to notice after chatting to quite a few avid gardeners and home-bodies is the drip method. It allows water to gradually drip into the flower beds and garden nooks where the need for constant saturation is not as significant. It is essentially a long pipe that has slits cut into it in measured spaces and the water drips through, it is great for maneuvering around odd shapes or walls and easily connected to the watering system. The spray option gives you the luxury of covering a larger area with one ‘spike’ where the water sprays from, it is best suited to plants that are ‘thirsty’ and has the benefit of having a flow of water free from any breaks in the spray – free-flowing. See a great article in this link for the comparison of the two while looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both, how it works best and in what situation.

A Final Thought

If you are at the planning stages of getting your garden set up and designed then I highly recommend that you take your time and do the research, it is well worth investing not only financially into the value of your home but the aesthetics. Getting the job done right the first time around with the help of the professionals will be more cost-effective in the long run. You don’t want to rush the task and end up with a garden that looks wilted from improper watering or dry as the desert because you forget to pay attention to it.

Having a timed-system in place takes away the stress and hassle of rushing home before sunset to water the garden, or relying on the kids to do the job because we all know kids are ‘too cool’ to be seen watering the plants, am I right?

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