5 Areas of the Home Not to Forget About when Holiday Cleaning

The holidays are a time when the house is full of people, food, decorations and other things that will certainly make your house very dirty!

Photos By: Pexels

Cleaning your home during the holiday periods are different than regular cleaning! However, due to several factors, there are places in your home that are typically forgotten during the holidays. You should remember to clean the following places this holiday:

1. The Dishwasher

You will use your dishwasher a lot during the holidays to clean the multitude of dishes that your guests leave behind. However, the dishwasher is often forgotten and can be the dirtiest place in the house because it is not self-cleaning. You should take the time during the holidays and really clean the dishwasher. You will need to dislodge all the stuck food particles, scrub the grime and scouring the filters. You can simply use a strong cleaning agent and set the dishwasher to a warm wash. You can also clean it manually which is just as effective.

2. Patio

The elements will be harsh during the holidays and your patio will bear the brunt of them. It will leave your patio dirty especially if you have furniture out there. You will probably use the patio a lot when entertaining guests this holiday season. They will also contribute significantly to the dirt in the patio. Therefore, you should ensure that you thoroughly clean the patio at least once a week. It may mean shoveling snow and scrubbing the floor on your knees but it will be worth it.

3. Garbage Disposal

The holidays are a time when people consume a lot of food. The more you consume, the more you use your garbage disposal. Although not many people will notice a dirty garbage disposal, they will definitely notice the stench. Unfortunately, the garbage disposal is often forgotten during the holidays. You will have to put on some gloves and get to work on scrubbing the buildup in the garbage disposal. A toothbrush and baking soda are great tools to use when cleaning the garbage disposal during the holidays.

4. Ceiling Fans

Though your probably have a HVAC unit, many people still have fans in their homes. One area that is often forgotten during the holiday season is the ceiling particularly the fans. The ceiling fans collect a lot of dust, especially around the holiday season. It will lead to a lot of dust build-up in the rest of the house if it is not cleaned. You should use an extendable fan blade duster to clean each blade of the fan carefully. You can also climb a ladder and clean it by hand using a microfiber cloth.

5. Countertops and Doorknobs

Though these areas are all throughout the house, sterilization deserves a special mention especially this year. During the holiday season this year, you should not forget to sterilize the most trafficked areas like doorknobs. It is very important that you stay safe during the holidays especially if you will be having people over, who may be eating on tables/countertops. You should have sterilizing chemicals always available for guests to use.

Sterilization will ensure that you are protected from a wide range of pathogens that may invade your home. However, you should do it early in the holiday season and air out your house, so it does not affect you or your guests.

The places above are the most forgotten when it comes to cleaning around the holidays. If you can keep them clean, you should have a safe and tidy home in which you can enjoy the holidays. Although, if you do not normally host guests, you can always search available homes for sale and plan for next year to entertain.