Window Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts According to the Experts

Cleaning your windows is one of those chores that must be done frequently because it is always right in front of you!

Photo By: Pixabay

While it is a pretty simple job on the surface there are things that you should and those that you should not do when it comes to this. That is why you should know what things are good, and which are not good for your windows and what you should do. Follow this article to learn some do’s and don’ts about window cleaning coming from experts.

What do experts say to do and not to do when cleaning your windows?

This chore is a pretty standard one for many households, and it is probably common in yours too. However, experts at say that there are things to remember to do and not to do so that they would be clean and neat. These techniques should help you make this job much easier, quicker, and more effective. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to window cleaning.


1. Start with the dirt and dust

Before anything, you should sweep the dirt from the frames which can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. You have to do this to prevent this filth from turning into a muddy mess once you start washing the window. If it is especially dirty, then you should remove the glass from the frame and wash it with a soft brush in hot, sudsy water.

2. Spritz a lot

You should always put a lot of cleaning soap on the windows and then clean it like that because that way it will ensure that all the dirt comes off. You can also make your own cleaner at home.

3. Use a microfiber cloth

Cloths are very absorbent and easily washable so they are your safest bet to have a nice and shiny glass without streaks. They will remove all water spots, smudges, and dirt from any glass, and there will be no damage after.

4. Break it down

You should wipe one side horizontally and the other vertically so that you stay streak-free. If they do form, you’ll know if they are inside or out. You should clean the windows room by room and not all at the same time.


1. Forget the squeegee

Even though it’s the first thing to come to mind, it can make a mess because of dripping. This should be avoided especially on small panes and used only on big windows.

2. Do not clean in the sun

If you do this the glass will dry before you can wipe it leaving you with a bunch of streaks. You should pick a cloudy day for this job.

3. Never use a newspaper

You do not know what kind of ink they are using and it might smear all over your window. Cloths are always better.

There, now you have the basic do’s and don’ts that experts agree upon. Remove the dust first, pick a cloudy day, do it with a cloth, and don’t be afraid of spritzing. These tips will make this chore easier and more effective. Good luck and enjoy your clean windows.