Signs That You Need to Hire a Pool Cleaner Today

Keep your pool clean this summer by knowing when it’s time to clean – here are some tell-tale signs!

On so many levels, a swimming pool serves is a sign that you have arrived. At the most basic level, a swimming pool encourages family time, beautifies the outdoor scenery, promotes relaxation and exercise, and helps improve health, mood, and relationships. The benefits swimming pools offer are best enjoyed when the pool is safe, the water is clean, and you feel safe bathing in it. Sure, you periodically maintain your pool, but from time to time, you still need to have a deep clean by a professional pool cleaner who can also perform quality checks on the water, the pool pump and filters, and on the swimming pool’s structural safety including the walls, the floor, and the concrete lips and any diving boards.

Five Signs That Your Pool Needs Professional Cleaner Today

No matter how great you are at personally maintaining a pool, there would come a time when you’d need to consult a professional pool cleaner. This article summarizes five (5) telltale signs that you need to hire a pool cleaner as soon as possible.

  1. Dirty Pool Water

This is the most noticeable sign that indicates your need to hire a pool cleaner. If you noticed that no matter how many times you change your pool water, your pool still looks murky and dirty, you might need professional assistance. No one would feel like swimming in a dirty pool. Your pool could look greenish, yellowish, or even brownish; this is not normal. Most times, this change in color is due to the growth of algae or spirogyra. At the same time, if the water starts emitting bubbles or foams, this could indicate some fermentation of substances such as lotions, body oils, hair oils, and soap in the water. This can be unsightly and even unhealthy. Aside from looking unclean, the water in your pool could smell terrible due to the deterioration of elements such as leaves, bacteria, soap, hair, shed skin, and body oils. These are just some of the possible reasons that cause the water to smell bad, and you can’t be sure of the reason until you consult an experienced pool cleaner. If you try different methods to get the pool back in shape and these do not work out, consider getting professional pool care. If you find that the process of doing it yourself is quite tiresome or daunting, there are many pool cleaning services available. For instance, check out some of the best pool cleaners for inground pools.

  1. Strange Noises

Strange noises could be another telltale sign of a need for a pool cleaner. You might start hearing whizzing sounds coming from your pool. This might not indicate a big issue, but you can only be sure if there is a professional inspection. Strange noises coming from your pool could mean a significant problem such as a wall crack, a weakened structure, or a faulty pool device. You need to take quick action or else the defect could worsen.

  1. Faulty Pool Devices

So many easily-detectable pool issues such as always dirty water and strange sounds could mean that there is a more significant issue somewhere. For instance, if the water filter is clogged, the quality of incoming or outgoing pool water is affected. In fact, the water in the swimming pool will appear dirty quickly because dirt doesn’t get filtered out. Instead, it settles as sediment at the bottom of your swimming pool. A faulty pump is also a big issue that affects the swimming pool’s safety because water cannot thoroughly circulate in the pool. If you notice that the water in the swimming pool is murky or even smelly, you should immediately hire a pool cleaner to clean out the pool filter and inspect your pump.

  1. Strong Chlorine Smell

Contrary to what others may say, that chlorine odor doesn’t mean that your pool is clean. If you notice a clearly chlorine odor from the swimming pool, it is best to avoid swimming there. The water may be unsafe and bathing in it could be unhealthy. A safe swimming pool should have little or no chlorine odor. That odor means that the chlorine is battling to contain unclean substances such as sweat, hair oil, body lotion, and bacteria that are currently in the pool. Even after filtering or refilling the pool water, the smell could still remain. This means that you need to consult a pool cleaner to fix the issue.

  1. Dirty Pool Walls

If your pool walls are dirty, you need to hire a pool cleaner fast or consider trying to clean your pool with a suction pool cleaner like from Globo Surf. Scum on the waterline and calcium scale deposits that build up on pool walls are unattractive. If you think that you can clean noticeable spots or stains on the walls of the swimming pool, think again. The process is tedious and you may not achieve the best results. You will need to hire a professional pool cleaner to help you clean out the pool’s walls with the most effective substances and devices.


Even if you are great at pool maintenance, you will need to hire a pool cleaner for a complete clean-out of your pool. Some of the signs that indicate an urgent need for professional pool-cleaning services include a strong chlorine smell, dirty pool walls, strange noises, and dirty pool water, to mention a few. With a clean pool, you can relax well and without fear of contracting an infection from swimming in your own pool.