Choosing the Right Bar Tables for Your Cafe

When you run a busy restaurant, you can think of adding more space to it to entertain all your incoming guests!

And for this, you may need to invest in more bar tables. But it can be baffling to choose the appropriate size of tables. If you relate to this, here are some tips that can make your job a bit easy. You can use and combine your ideas with them for better results. So, let’s get started.

Buying the table furniture for a modern cafe

The Outdoor Space

You need to measure your floor area and the number of people you want to entertain at a time. While doing this, you have to make sure there is ample room for your visitors to move when they pull out their chairs. Typically a small dining area can do with two or four-seater bar tables. You can choose or create a mix of them for a perfect seating arrangement. While it will increase your accommodation capacity, it will also allow people to enjoy their time at their favourite place without having to wait. From a business perspective, it can mean more profit earnings for you. For any bar furniture, you can check this online store once –

The Table Spacing

At the time of arranging tables, you need to pay attention to the layout of your cafe, and the shape of its dining space and table. Of these three, you have to focus more on the free area that you can utilise to create a relaxed dining experience for your guests. Usually, experts recommend that round tables should be 137 cm far apart and rectangular ones about 152cm. If these belong to the primary service area, then you need to maintain more distance between them.

The Commercial-grade Bar Tables

Some cafes buy residential use tables for their establishment only to face disappointment soon. For your hospitality business, you would want your furniture items to survive the pressure. Plus, residential-style tables can be heavy and limit your space optimisation efforts.

That’s why when you shop for bar tables online or offline, you have to be careful with your selection. Every square inch of space that you use or waste will ultimately have a revenue impact. Also, selecting commercial tables for the dining space can help you tap into its efficiency. If the material and structure are trustworthy, you don’t have to replace them often. It can save you an additional replacement cost.

If you live in Melbourne, you don’t have to worry about options. There are many online and offline stores to explore and find something that meets your needs for a competitive rate. As for the table shape, both round and rectangular ones look awesome based on how you use them in the available floor area. And if you mix and match them with the proper chairs, you can expect a drastic improvement in the overall design of the layout and guests’ comfort levels. Anyway, make sure you purchase your furniture from a reliable place only.