How to Choose the Right Size Furniture For Your Home

At the furniture store, every piece looks attractive. However, before you settle on a purchase you must ensure you have the right size furniture for your living space!

Photos By: Unsplash
You don’t want to take home a cupboard that doesn’t fit in your bedroom. Your furniture size should complement the size of your living space. If a piece is too big, a room will feel cramped while a small piece will leave the space empty. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect size furniture for your home.

Function of Each Room

It’s paramount to know the function of a room before buying and bringing in the furniture. Knowing the function not only helps in deciding the type of furniture but also the size. If you are buying furniture pieces for a lounging area that has a lot of space, you can go for large pieces that enhance comfort. Nonetheless, you must ensure the room remains spacious as this is an element of comfort. On the other hand if you are designing the study area, you are only concerned with functional space rather than aesthetic space. Therefore, your furniture pieces should take up as little room as possible while maintaining function.

Layout Design

Another factor that determines the size of your furniture is the layout design. Many people are fond of buying furniture pieces and figuring out how to place them. As a result, you end up with cramped spaces or empty rooms. It’s important to settle on a layout before buying furniture. You can mark out the layout on the floor in order to get good estimations on the dimensions of the furniture. Leave room for adjustments in large rooms since the layout may change when you are refurbishing.

Couch for the Living Room

The central furniture piece for the living room is the couch. Unfortunately many people make wrong choices when it comes to the size of the couch. Large living room spaces can accommodate large sofas. However, it’s important to leave room for other furniture pieces like the coffee table or accent chairs. The biggest mistake people make when styling large spaces is overcrowding with furniture. Smaller spaces require keen selection when it comes to furniture sizes. Since space is limited, every inch must count. Nonetheless, if you get it right you can make your living room appear larger than it is.

The Right Bed for your Bedroom

Before you choose a bed frame consider the size of your bedroom. Although large bed frames look great they may be overwhelming for small spaces. The same goes for canopy and four-poster beds that make small spaces feel crowded. Moreover, take into account other pieces of furniture in your bedroom; cabinets and seating areas. Ensure the room is spacious since this will contribute more to a relaxing ambience as opposed to a king sized bed in a cramped space.

The Perfect Dining Set

The dining set piece is an iconic furniture in any house. Since the furniture is shared between family and guests, it’s important to get the purchase right. Rule one is to ensure your dining furniture fits in your allocated dining space. A perfect fit leaves room for movement and ensures none of the users is trapped in during a shared meal. The round table is great for small spaces since it takes up little space while creating a centered and cozy feel. The long rectangular dining set is great for big spaces and offers a unique majestic look.

Other furniture pieces like coffee tables, cabinets and shelves also need careful consideration. The rule of thumb is, if it’s getting in the way then it’s too big. The aim should always be to keep your home spacious.