A 5-Step Guide to Decorating your Condo from Scratch

Decorating your condo the way you want is more than just designing – oh, the possibilities! 

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Usually, the decor process starts well, until panic strikes and things start to go south. You may want to achieve a Scandi-minimalist vibe that blends in or a vivid bohemian aesthetic that doesn’t seem out of place. The fulfillment of your desires depends on how you approach your condo-decor process. We list down five fail-proof steps to decorating your condo in a way you desire. So, here are the tips:

Step 1: Determine Your Design Style

It’s imperative to understand your style preference before deciding on the furniture. Are you more drawn towards the modern farmhouse vibes or Scandinavian aesthetic? Let your imagination cut loose – until you’re certain about a theme for your space, keep browsing through Pinterest or your favorite home decor magazines. Another good idea is to bring elements from multiple design styles in one place as long as they contribute to aesthetics.

Step 2: Find Your Focal Point

Your new space is jumping off point – that’s what comes after you have figured out your design style. Is there a gorgeous heritage fireplace in your condo? Or does it feature a statement emerald green sofa? How about having a patterned feature wall? When it comes to smaller apartments like open-concept condos, establishing your space’s centerpiece becomes very important. It will be visible from different angles and can speak volumes about your color scheme & the overall furniture layout.

Step 3: Think in Sections

List out different zones of your condo apartment – workspace, kitchen, bedroom, entryway, living room, etc. Then decide various pieces you’ll need for each zone – from appliances to furniture. If a part of your current stock meets your design needs, include it. For the remainder, visit your favorite design stores to make the selection. When investing in furniture, make a list of various available options at various price points. Spend time sifting through options. This will make the purchase process rewarding for you. 

 Step 4: Plant it Out

Now that you’ve made the list, it’s time to refine it by taking measurements to see if the selected items will realistically fit in your condo. Ensure that your Condo space doesn’t look overstuffed. For example, opt for a charming loveseat that will take up less space as compared to a large cabinet that will look out of place. Also, refrain from unnecessary purchases. You don’t need a media stand if you’re not much of a TV viewer. Moreover, don’t forget to leverage the technology. There are utility apps that can virtually assist you in designing your space. Once the plan is finalized and the furniture orders are placed, it’s time to bring the look together. 

 Step 5: Be Patient

Designing and decorating your condo doesn’t happen in a day. Avoid ordering the entire furniture collection all at once just because you can’t wait to make things happen. Try to stick with the essentials first. You can also make a smart selection of furniture purchases. For example, you can do away with the usual bed and go with space-saving murphy bedsThe point is, the most appealing condos are the ones that maintain an authentic vibe while reflecting your personality at the same time. Find closure in scouring local design boutiques on a low-key Sunday or find items that speak to you during your next trip abroad. You will fall in love with your place, every time you look at it. 


You can transform your simple condo into glam-heaven using the right investment and the tips mentioned in this article. Give your condo-decor project a sophisticated spin with the 5-step plan that we have shared with you.

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