3 All-Natural Ways to Kill COVID-19 on Surfaces

COVID-19 has made life at home harder for families around the globe. The scrubbing, cleaning, and disinfecting required to stay virus-free seems to never end!

Cleaning products we use pose their own risks. Covering ourselves, our homes, and our children with synthetic chemicals and toxic solutions day after day is unnatural and unhealthy. Luckily, there are better ways to stay clean and protected during the pandemic. The EPA, FDA, and CDC have approved or recommended hundreds of products for killing COVID-19, including some all-natural solutions. You don’t have to use abrasive chemicals and bleach just to feel safe. We’ve picked out a few natural products that have been recommended by our trusted authorities to destroy COVID naturally and effectively. Let’s get scrubbing.

Natural Soap

Soap and water have been universally accepted as the best ways to eliminate COVID-19 from our bodies and surfaces at home. And you don’t need to use soap that contains a synthetic disinfectant. Natural soaps made with fat or oil and lye are just as effective at killing the virus. You might just need to do a bit of extra scrubbing to make sure your surfaces get super clean. Natural soaps eliminate the fat layer that protects the COVID-19 virus. Without this lipid layer, the virus cannot survive. Stock up on bars of your favorite natural soap (or make your own) and your family will be virus-free without the fumes and toxins found in household cleaners.

UV-C Light

Using light to kill COVID-19 is the cleanest way to guarantee a 99.9% disinfection rate. Not only that, but it also kills bacteria, mold, allergens, and other harmful microbes. UV-C light contains radiation that destroys microbial life like COVID-19. It does this near-instantly and without chemicals or even water. It leaves nothing behind after it cleans. There are no residues or odors, and it can’t be ingested by curious children. In fact, the CDC stated that UV-C light was one of the most promising agents for COVID-19 disinfection. And Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center recommended it as a method for killing the virus. So, how do you get UV-C light for your home?

You cant install a UV-C bulb because the radiation can be harmful to the eyes and skin if directly exposed. Instead, UV-C flashlights or wands are becoming popular products to eliminate the virus quickly. One of the most popular is the Allume UV-C Light Wand by Violet Healthcare. This foldable and portable wand contains 16 powerful UV-C lights. This ensures that any infected surface is sterilized quickly and completely. At about the size of a standard flashlight, Allume can go anywhere. But because its lights are only on one side of the wand, there’s no risk of the light shining in your eyes or on your skin. It even has a child-proof switch and a fail-safe gravity sensor that shuts off the lights if they turn towards your body or face. Allume is all-natural and 99.9% effective at killing COVID-19 on surfaces such as:

* Countertops
* Bathrooms
* Doorknobs
* Package deliveries
* Groceries (safe to use on fresh produce!)
* Public transport
* Public restrooms
* Elevator buttons
* Clothing and linens
So much more…

Allume is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (like your phone), so you also don’t have to worry about alkaline battery pollution either. Allume is the smartest, easiest, and cleanest way to kill COVID-19 at home and on the go. In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, Violet Healthcare has reduced the price of the Allume UV-C Wand by 50%. You can get yours here.

Alcohol (70%)

Alcohol is on the list of approved disinfectants for COVID-19. It might not be the safest liquid to keep around the house, but its a lot better than the chemical cocktails that masquerade as safe cleaning solutions, and it’s 100% natural. The only catch is that alcohol is only effective at killing COVID-19 at 70% potency or above. This means that, for the most part, you can’t use the liquor you buy at the store to kill the virus. Most liquor that we drink has a strength of 80-100 proof. This has led many to believe that it is strong enough to kill COVID-19. But “proof” is not the same as “percent.” 2 proof is equal to just 1%, so 80 proof vodka is actually only 40% alcohol (and 60% water). That’s not nearly concentrated enough to kill COVID-19. If you live in a country or US state that sells pure alcohol, you can use it to clean your surfaces and kill COVID-19. Just make sure that it’s at least 140 proof. Isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, will also kill COVID-19 at 70% potency. Though we don’t recommend keeping this type of alcohol on-hand as it’s highly toxic if ingested.

A Cleaner Way to Kill COVID-19

We’re all feeling anxious about COVID-19. And we’re all worried about the health of our families. But that doesn’t mean we need to abandon our commitment to a sustainable future and a healthier lifestyle. Many all-natural cleaners are just as effective at killing COVID-19 as the synthetic solutions found at the supermarket.

For hand washing, nothing beats natural soap and water. For cleaning surfaces, the Allume UV-C Light Wand quickly sterilizes with zero waste. And if you only trust a disinfectant that assaults your nostrils, 70% alcohol will do the trick.

Stay strong in these tough times, and remember that a better world is coming—especially if more of us commit to using natural cleaning products!

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