5 Tools You Need To Maintain Your Home Garden

For many, backyard maintenance constitutes pruning a few branches, mowing the lawn, and raking leaves, but gardening is so much more than that!

Photo By: Unsplash

Most plants require regular attention, including water and fertilizer to ensure they grow and thrive—particularly when they’re seasonal. While the idea of gardening can be intimidating for those lacking experience, this gets easier when you know which tools to use. Rather than paying a professional to look after your garden, consider investing in tools you can use to maintain it yourself. Buying these tools is a cost-effective investment as you’ll get to use them for years, and save money from hiring a professional. However, it’s always a great idea to thoroughly research on the most essential and cost-effective ones before making any purchases.

To help you choose, here are some of the tools you need to maintain your home garden:

1. Garden Vacuum

Vacuums are essential when cleaning indoors, but do you know that this cleaning tool is also very useful in your home garden? A garden vacuum or leaf blower vacuum is a must for every home garden because it allows you to easily clean large and dry leaves, maintain your gutters, and protect your flower beds. Garden vacuums will also make it very easy for you to clean other tools such as mowers and tractors. Garden vacuums come in different varieties, which is why it’s best if you read more about this tool before choosing and buying any. Ideally, the garden vacuum you’ll buy should fit your needs and budget.

2. Digging Shovel

You’ll have to do a lot of digging when you have a home garden. Often, you’ll have to dig holes for plants and shrubs to maximize the space. What good is a home garden if it doesn’t have any greenery? And while you can always dig with your hands, doing this regularly can be tiresome and time-consuming. This is especially true if you have a very spacious home garden. To make things easier, opt to invest in a digging shovel. This tool is very important because its angled blade design allows you to dig deep and break up the soil with ease. With a digging shovel, you won’t have to worry about experiencing aching hands because of too much digging.

3. Wheelbarrow

You’ll have to accomplish several tasks to ensure that you’ll have a perfect lawn all year long. You’ll have to regularly clean the space from debris, remove weeds, and look after the health of your plants. For you to easily accomplish all of these tasks, buy a wheelbarrow for your home garden. A wheelbarrow is a very versatile tool because this can help you move things around. When you have a wheelbarrow, you can move large shrubs, and trees from one location to another, and collect garden debris. A wheelbarrow can also be used in hauling bricks, as well as mixing fertilizers and concrete.

4. Hand Pruners

Seeing plants in your home garden will surely make your property stand out in the neighborhood. They add color to your exteriors, and can leave a positive impression among passers-by. However, letting plants grow on their own can also become dangerous. Hanging and weak branches, for example, can fall on nearby structures and cause property damage and injuries. If you have several plants in your home garden, or are planning to add these in the future, buy hand pruners as soon as possible. This scissor-like tool comes with two blades—one dull and one sharp—that help in clipping small branches. Hand pruners can also be used in creating a bonsai area for your home garden, and cutting trimmings into smaller sizes for vermiculture and easier disposal.

5. Garden Rake

When you have a home garden, expect that you’ll have to clean up leaves from the ground regularly. The more spacious your home garden is, the more frequent you’ll have to clean these leaves. This task can even become grueling during the autumn months. You can easily clean your home garden from leaves by using a garden rake. This tool works as a broom for outdoor use, and can help you collect leaves, grass, and hay. A garden rake can also help you accomplish other tasks in your garden, namely clipping grass and mulching.

Consistency Is Key

A home garden can provide many benefits, but only if you exert time and effort in taking care of it. A poorly maintained home garden can adversely affect the value of your home and the curb appeal of your property. This kind of garden can even cause accidents and injuries. Fortunately, you can prevent all of these from happening by using the tools in this article to maintain your home garden. As long as you’re consistent with your efforts, it won’t be long before your home garden offers your desired benefits!