Warm Weather Ailments to Ruin Your Summertime

Here’s how to prevent suffering from the heat this summer. Keep reading!

Photo By: Good Housekeeping

In addition to accidents or incidents that may befall your health all year long, the summertime has its own crop of uncomfortable ailments! One of the best ways to keep yourself from suffering too much because of any of these heat-related injuries or illnesses is to prevent them. You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The first thing you will want to do is have a personal first aid kit that can really help you out. Next, you will want to protect yourself from any sources of danger. This may include wearing sunblock, covering up to prevent harsh rays, or ensuring all the food you prepare for picnics or outside venues is properly cooked and kept at a safe temperature. To help you build your first aid kit, use products from a bulk medical supply store. Fill it with everything that you will need, from allergy medication to bandages.

Protect Yourself From Excessive Sun

While a little sun is good for all of us, its rays containing the important vitamin D that we need for good health, too much can definitely be a bad thing. While there are a lot of misconceptions about the real dangers of the sun, just know that even having a few bad sunburns in your life can open you up to melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. In this case, it is far better to deal with the smelly mess that sunblock can be than to go unprotected. A good skin care regimen will also impress upon your children just how crucial it is.

The Dangers of Mosquitos and Other Pests

A bite from a mosquito, tick, or another insect may cause an itchy, painful bump, but the risks can be much higher. We all know that mosquitoes can transmit bloodborne diseases like malaria, but did you also know that they are responsible for many of the world’s cases of the Zika virus and yellow fever? If you are traveling in an area that has a high concentration of these creatures, be sure to spray yourself with a commercially available bug spray at regular intervals.

Keep a Strong Stomach

When the sun comes out, all we want to do is go on picnics and have parties outside. Preparing food to be consumed outdoors may contain some bacteria at a certain temperature. Because of this, there is always a risk of food poisoning. One of the simplest ways to avoid this is to go without some of the biggest culprits of foodborne illness, things that contain dairy or meat. However, you can also ensure that temperature never exceeds a food-safe temperature and you should be fine.

Keep Your Core Temperature Well-Regulated

In addition to the painful and unsightly affliction of a bad sunburn, the extreme heat caused by the sun can do other damage to your health. The intense heat of the summer days can cause you to sweat out and use up your body’s store of hydration faster than you are replenishing it. This can cause you to suffer a particularly debilitating case of dehydration.

In addition, the high temperatures along with the high percentage of humidity can cause heatstroke in members of the community who have underlying health conditions or are otherwise vulnerable. It is important to keep yourself hydrated and avoid strenuous exercise that may cause a spike in your body’s temperature.

While it is true that you can suffer an injury or illness at any time of the year, the dangers associated with the summertime are particularly dangerous. Many of us see the sun as a big friendly ball that lights our way. We do not think about the danger it poses. From its harmful rays to the oppressive heat sometimes felt, the sun is something we must protect against. Have a first aid kit or medical bag handy to deal with any of the ailments you might face, from an allergic reaction to a bad bug bite. It is also helpful to fill it with dressings for an assortment of wounds, as you never do know what is going to happen.

Now that it is warm, get out there and enjoy yourself. Just remember to use some safety precautions to make your adventure the best it can be.