5 Must-have Power Tools and Accessories for Home Improvement

Renovating your home? Here are 5 power tool must-haves that you should invest in!

If you are like me, you find your wish list of tools to be never-ending and growing faster than you can keep up with. While I may want all the tools in the world, I find myself using the same ones over and over for almost all of my projects. These tools cover the basics, and if you get creative, they can do some pretty awesome things.

Table Saw

I find that basically all of my projects start with this tool. Before I made the purchase I was able to get by with my circular saw but now I’ll never go back. On almost every project I start by making a plan, demoing if applicable, taking dimensions, buying lumber, and cutting what I can to size. This is always where this saw comes into play. It’s not often with interior home improvement projects that I am able to buy a piece of wood and have it fit without some resizing, and the table saw is perfect for changing the widths of pieces of wood or cutting large pieces of plywood

Miter Saw

While the table saw maybe the first saw I pull out on most projects, it’s not my most common. The miter saw is the most common. For cutting joists or studs to length, it’s the master. When I was adding crown molding to my living room, it was invaluable. For decking and fencing, it saves so much time in comparison to a circular saw. You get accurate cuts and can get very exact angles. Paired with the table saw you can get almost any cut configuration you want.


The miter saw is my most commonly used saw but the drill is by far the most commonly used tool. I personally pair it with an impact so I can switch between drilling and screwing instantly but for years it was just a drill. Almost every project involves drilling a hole or putting in a screw.  Projects from removing switch plates to building a house all are simplified with a drill. You’ll find it used so much I recommend going with the best one you can afford so it doesn’t let you down when you need it most.  

Oscillating Tool

Most people may not consider this an important tool for home improvement, especially since it hasn’t been popular for all that long, but you’ll thank me later. With an assortment of blades, you can cut anything from nails to wood to the drywall. And thanks to how it works you can make plunge cuts so when removing sections of wood rot, or siding, or drywall, it’s an awesome tool. It also has sanding pads that can get into corners often missed by other sanders. 

Orbital Sander

Unless you are a professional using all the right tools that have been professionally maintained and you also get really lucky, you will have a cut or hole that you need to clean up. Hitting it with a sander can make quick work of keeping your project looking professional. Having an orbital sander will also save you a lot of time on standard sanding projects such as prepping for paint or finishing a piece of furniture or you’re making a drywall repair. While you can often get away with hand sanding projects, once you buy an orbital sander you will wonder how you worked without one.  

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