5 Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

While it’s true that having a big budget helps, planning a wedding takes more than just money!

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A wedding is a celebration of love. It brings together family members, friends, and colleagues. When it’s all over, the bride and groom become husband and wife. Some people chose to go all out and spend a fortune. Others prefer a simple intimate ceremony. On average, an American wedding costs about $34,000. Here are some creative ideas to make your big day unforgettable!

1. Send Beautiful Invitations

After figuring out who you want at the wedding, the next step is the invitation. It is an opportunity to impress right off the gate. Although there are thousands of templates available on the internet, you might need to think outside the box. For example, instead of inserts, add a pop-up element to the cards.

You can also introduce some humor into the invitation. If you are into puzzles, you can ask the guest to solve a puzzle such as a jigsaw to reveal the location. If you can afford it, you can add boarding passes for a destination wedding.

2. Choose a Beautiful Venue

To truly wow your guest, you need a picturesque. The venue could be in a foreign locale or your hometown. The venue must be large enough to fit all your guests. It should also match the theme of the wedding. It could be a renovated castle, an old barn, or a beach wedding. When it comes to venue anything goes. It could be a museum, a library, a treehouse, an antic shop, theme park, or even your favorite theatre. In addition to the decor, ensure you have wedding welcome signs to direct your guest to the venue. Ensure the venue is beautifully decorated to compliment the scenery and the setting is practical.

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3. Hire a  Professional Entertainer

The bridesmaids, flower girls, and the best man are key to any wedding. However, other people can make or break the ceremony. The first unsung hero is the person who officiates the ceremony. This person can be a religious leader or a lifelong family friend. It is better is the individual can tell your love story. The more charming and entertaining the better. After the wedding, the next step is the reception. The serious part of the ceremony is over, it is time to let loose. A good band or a DJ is the way to get the guest off their seats and dancing.

4. Offer Delicious Food

Delicious food and tasty treats are a great way to impress guests. You might have the venue, guest list, and a gorgeous dress. However, if the guests are not well fed they will talk. By the time the festivities and the speeches come to an end, your guest will be hungry. Hungry people become irritable. It is therefore important that you take the tasting seriously. The final catering menu should have healthy options for those with dietary restrictions. You might also want to more just cake as the dessert.

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5. Have an After Party

An open bar at the reception is a great way to kick things off. However, if you want to give the guest something to talk about hosts an after-party. Weddings are very hectic; it is very hard to even get a few minutes with the newlyweds. An after-party provides a more relaxed environment for everyone to debrief. Your friends might all have traveled a long way to be with you. Shutting the festivities too early denies you a great opportunity. You can hold the party at the reception or move the party to a smaller venue. You even move the festivities to a club.

Final Thoughts

There are a million ways to jazz up your wedding. Not all of them could be covered in this article. The trick is to incorporate some of your favorite hobbies and activities. Although the wedding is your special day, get the guest involved as much as possible. Have a professional photographer at the wedding, or better yet have a photo booth. And when it is all done, remember to thank all the people who attended the wedding. Get started on this immediately you come from your honeymoon.

Hopefully, these tips inspire you to come up with more creative ideas!