Bathroom Fitting – From Start to Finish

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom – read this first!

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So, you’ve got a bathroom that needs fitting? If you’re planning to do it yourself, you probably already have some home maintenance or home improvements experience, but that doesn’t mean that you’re ready to jump straight in and start ripping out old plumbing to slap in new utilities, tiles, and walls. There’s a lot of planning involved, and while it might be annoying to somebody who wants to get right on with the home renovations. It’s the most crucial part of the process. Without a plan, who knows what you’ll end up doing to your bathroom?

Start Budgeting

Everything you do costs money. Accidentally break a bathroom tile? End up with a pipe that needs to be extended by a few inches? Want to make the light a bit brighter? All of that eats into your funds, and it’s easy for cheap projects to snowball into something huge if you don’t plan your budget out. Know what you can spend, but don’t force yourself to spend it.

In the same vein, don’t underspend, either. You might be able to buy used piping for a fraction of the price it would take to get a fresh set, but you never know how long it’ll last, and there’s always a chance that you’ll have to spend even more money repairing it.

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Plan a Timeline

Every part of home remodeling takes time, and you never know when a snag might set you back a little while. It becomes a lot harder to carry out home improvements while you’re working a full-time job or looking after children and pets at home, so do your best to know how long you’ll be working for (or waiting, if you’re hiring a home remodeling service instead). Underestimating is always worse than overestimating when it comes to predicting time.

Follow a Structure

Every part of home maintenance and home renovations should be done in a way that follows a plan. Even if you’re doing it by yourself or with the help of professionals, the best is to be well informed beforehand. Consulting sites like PriceYourJob can really help you understand how some renovations are done, how much they can cost, and how you can follow a structure. However, if you hire professionals to do the heavy work, you should compromise if the professionals disagree with some aspects. Switching rapidly between, appliance installation, plastering and rendering, repair work, tile laying, and general plumbing is going to leave you exhausted and the entire bathroom half-finished.

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Leave Room to Improvise

You can never tell when your home renovations can get cut short by something you were never able to predict, but you can at least try to plan ahead so that it’s not as much of it. For example, if part of your home renovations involves roofing near the bathroom area, you want to be sure that you have a way to fix any problems replacing the roofing can have while you’re also trying to do the home remodeling on the bathroom.

Take Measurements

Always measure. It might seem like common sense to most people, but many will also try to judge distances based on how they look or the sizes of other objects around them. This might be fine for a rug or curtains, but not for plumbing, a new bath, and shower, flooring materials, or the glass that you’ll be putting in your windows. Home remodeling is meant to be as painless as possible, and not doing your measurements can ruin even the most straightforward plan.

Remember that you don’t have to get exact measurements for everything. Flooring tiles and carpets can be cut up to match the size of the area they’re in, and a shower curtain barely even looks wrong if it’s too long or wide. This matters most in the technical side of things: pipes, brickwork, anything that’s related to physically building something from scratch, or trying to fit a piece of furniture into a particular space.

Ask For Help

It doesn’t matter how confident you are in your home maintenance skills or how many home improvements you’ve made over the years: if you struggle, get a professional involved. You don’t have to leave it all to the professionals, but you can always hire professionals from sites like PriceYourJob to do a single part of the overall home remodeling session. If you can’t do the plumbing but can manage everything else, there’s no shame in getting a plumber to do it for you.