Creative Backyard Ideas to Keep Your Livestock Sheltered

Do own a homestead? Chickens, rabbits, and other animals need proper shelter in the winter and summer!

Photo By: Specialist Contractors

During the winter months, it is important to remember that your livestock needs shelter from the elements. Neglecting them can lead to a wide range of issues, even including premature death. Having said that, it’s not always as easy as putting them in a barn. If you need some creative ways to shelter your livestock, you may find these ideas to be of use.

Consider Rotating Panels for a Windbreak

As you know, sometimes it is the wind that really makes things cold. To this end, setting up windbreaks is a great way to keep your livestock sheltered. Windbreaks should be built on patches of land that are slightly elevated and easily drained in order to prevent issues with the livestock standing in water. One other thing to keep in mind when selecting a spot for your windbreak is the natural terrain of your land. Each piece of property will have different topography, and this will naturally act to channel wind in certain areas. Putting a windbreak in an area where there is rarely any wind would be a waste of resources. Instead, be sure to install them in areas where there is a lot of air movement during the winter months. Using panels that can rotate for the construction of the windbreak is a great way to provide shelter from the sweltering summer sun as well as the frigid winter wind. During the winter, the panels can be rotated so they are vertical, blocking the wind. Once summer comes, you can rotate the panels upward so they are horizontal, making an excellent spot for the livestock to enjoy some shade.

Portable Run in Sheds

If you are looking for a way to provide shelter without the expense of building a permanent structure in your backyard like a barn, consider a portable run in shed. Portable windbreaks are constructed so as to stand up to the rigors of being moved from place to place, and are an affordable way to provide shelter for your livestock. What’s more, a portable windbreak gives you flexibility in the matter of where it is deployed. Depending on the conditions of the weather, you can position the windbreak to give your livestock adequate shelter regardless of the prevailing wind direction and location. Keep in mind that a portable windbreak in your backyard must be constructed in such a way so as to not tip in the wind. For this reason, if you are planning on building one yourself rather than purchasing a prebuilt one, make sure that you use plans for portable windbreaks as opposed to fixed windbreaks.

The Advantages of Shelter

Keeping your livestock comfortable is not only the humane thing to do; it’s also the most economically efficient thing for your farm. Livestock that are adequately sheltered will be healthier than those that are not. In addition, you will notice a difference in your feed costs when your animals are properly sheltered. For these reasons, take the time to consider your farm’s unique situation, and select the shelter options that are best for your livestock.