Backyard Pet Safety: Watch out for These 6 Deadly Hazards

Everyone loves to spend as much time with their pets outside as possible. Tossing a ball around the backyard is fun and a great way to exercise. What you might not know is that there could be things in your yard that are dangerous and toxic to your pets. Watch out for these 6 deadly hazards.

We love spending time with our pets outside. Whether it’s chasing a ball or lounging around in the sun, it’s great for bonding with your pets and giving them the exercise they need. Although we think our yards are a safe place, there could be hidden dangers that can affect your pets. Keep reading to find out about these 6 deadly hazards that could be lurking in your yard.

1. Snail and Slug Baits

Snail and slug baits contain metaldehyde can result in toxicity. Make sure to follow label directions before around any pets. Even better, try going for a natural solution like laying around copper wires, or salt.

Backyard Pet Safety- Watch out for These 6 Deadly Hazards

2. Cocoa Mulch

Just like chocolate, cocoa mulch contains the methylxanthines that cause problems with the heart in animals, and eating it can be fatal in high doses.

Backyard Pet Safety- Watch out for These 6 Deadly Hazards2

3. Poisonous Plants

Make sure you know the names of all the plants in your yard and if they are toxic to your pets. Common poisonous plants include yews, azaleas, poison hemlock, and castor. Make sure you remove or block off any plants that may be toxic.

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4. Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees in your yard, usually there will be fallen fruit around the tree. If not cleared away, mold will start to grow on the fruit and if ingested by your pets, it can cause seizures and tremor.

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5. Fencing

Dogs and cats are experts in the art of escaping enclosures. Make sure you inspect your fence for any holes that will allow your pets to flee, and can allow wild creatures in. Check for any holes underneath the fence as well.

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6. Water

Backyard pools can pose dangers to your pets. Aside from drowning, the water in your pool contains toxic chemicals, and is not intended for drinking. In the cold months, a covered pool can pose dangers when if your pet walks across it. The animal can slip beneath the cover and get caught in the straps and ties.

backyard pet dangers pool plants poison6

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