5 Things to Consider When You’re Planning to Have A Pool

A swimming pool can add value and some serious cool factor to your home. It could be a great place to relax after work and unwind with friends and family on the weekends, or even somewhere to host your next party!

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Having a pool is a big investment. A professionally designed, installed, and maintained pool can reward you and your family in years to come. When you decide to have a pool, it is best that you thoroughly consider all your options and educate yourself first. Here are some top tips to help you plan.

1. Budget it Well

Swimming pools come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can always find one that suits your budget. However, having a guideline budget before you check out available options always helps! Remember to account for the additional pool-installation expenses like landscaping, covers, decking, and heating system (in some parts of Australia) in your budget. Also, factor in the ongoing costs of filtration and keeping the water clean when you plan for a pool.

2. Determine the Size and Shape

As a first step, establish your reasons for having a swimming pool. Is it for laps, recreation, or decoration? How many people will use the pool? The purpose will determine the design of your pool. If it is for active swimming, you will need a longer and rectangular pool. For kids’ use and recreational purposes, the pools can be smaller with plenty of shallow areas. Your pool design will also depend on the amount of space you have available on your site.

3. Opt for High-quality Pool Equipment

While it is okay to be fussy about how good your pool looks from the outside, it is wise to choose quality equipment that will keep your pool water healthy and clean from the inside. An efficient pump, filtering system, drainage, and chemical system will not only make your pool last for years but also reduce maintenance costs considerably. It always helps to locate a reliable pool shop for quality pool equipment supply at the planning stage.

4. Stay aware of the Placement and Planning Regulations

The placement of your pool in your yard calls for special attention. In addition to the possible regulatory requirements (each state and territory government in Australia has its own laws and permits) like distance from property lines, fencing requirements, drainage etc., you should also consider several other factors. Choose the area that gets the least wind and maximum sun exposure to keep the water warm and evaporation in check.

5. Choose the Right Materials

The material that you choose for your pool impacts your budget and installation time. While concrete pools are costlier and take longer to install than their fibreglass counterparts, the design and size of your pool should ideally dictate your choice of material.

A pool can be a great asset to your home. But before you plunge in, go for a detailed planning. This will reduce unforeseen expenses and ensure you enjoy your pool for many years to come.

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