5 Signs That Your Home Is In Need Of Electrical Repairs

If you are having electrical problems in your home, look no further – you may want to read this article! 

Electrical problems have been and still are extremely dangerous in the sense that they can cause massive destruction within minutes. Most of these problems manifest themselves first through small signs which most homeowners are ignorant of most of the time. It’s not until the damage is done that they start running around. Action should, however, be taken earlier before it’s too late. To enlighten you further, here are 5 signs that your home is in need of electrical repairs:

1.  Consistent Blowing Of Fuses

Fuses or circuit breakers do blow but on very few and rare occasions. If you begin noticing a consistent increase in the number of fuses blowing in your home, then there is a very high likelihood that your circuits are overloaded and there is an urgent need for you to call in an electrician to sort out this circuit problem immediately.

2. Experiencing Sparks And A Burning Odor

When you notice large sparks manifesting when you plug in kitchen appliances, it may be an indication that the power outlet or circuit is faulty. Sparks coupled with a popping sound could be a sign of a loose wire. If you sense a burning odor originating from the switches or power outlets, it’s a sign that there is a problem with overheating in the wiring. This odor could also be a red flag that an electrical fire is about to break out in your home. You need to call an electrical professional to help solve the issue immediately.

3. Sockets Or Switches Getting Hot

When you plug in devices such as heaters and you notice excess heat being emitted from the electricity supply, it could be an indication of a wiring problem. If you switch the device to another outlet and the same problem relays itself, you’ll need to get all the outlets in your house checked out and have the necessary repairs done immediately just to be safe.

4. Flickering Or Dimming Lights

When the light fixtures in your home begin to flicker or dim when you turn them on, there is a high likelihood that other appliances that are connected to that same circuit are affecting them. Appliances such as heaters use a lot of power and may cause this flickering problem. There is a need for a professional electrician to do some minor adjustments and transfer the lighting to a different circuit different from that of the appliances and ensure that the appliances are getting the right amount of power supply that they require.

5. Your Electrical Outlets Are Worn Out

If you have an old home, chances are that your electrical outlets may be worn out as a result of being used for a long time period. When you plug in an appliance and notice that it doesn’t hold well on an outlet and you need to shake it in order for the appliance to power on, then there is a dire need for you to repair or replace the outlet immediately. Failure to do this may put you at risk of injuries resulting from electrical shocks or worse yet, your home getting razed down by an electrical fire.


Electrical faults in your home are not worth gambling with. Noticing any of these signs should push you to source for a professional electrician to correct the error. If you need a reliable electrician, then we recommend working with Express Electrical Services.