Do you do welding projects at home? Here are some 5 must-haves that you should definitely have in your tool box!

Welders are the people who have been trained to join several pieces of metal to make various types of structures including doors, tables, windows, greenhouses and so much more. In fact, a career in welding is quiet fulfilling.

This is how you can be hired by other people or work on your own projects. However, most people imagine that having a welding machine is enough to get you started. While the machine is essential, it’s also important to factor on various safety concerns. This is due to the fact that welding exposes you to certain risks that are avoidable.

The problem with ignoring these concerns is that you will not be at peace when working on your welding projects as you will keep worrying about the risk of getting injured. This will in return lower your performance. Here is a list of things that every welder must have.

1. Gloves

Gloves are very useful in welding works. This is because they help in protecting your hands when holding the metal. In case you didn’t know, the welding process causes the metal you are working on to get very hot. Holding such hot stuff with bare hands can be hazardous. Besides that, the resulting sparks. The other advantage is that the gloves are very economical due to their thick construction. A single pair of welding gloves can last for many years. This spares you from the trouble of having to buy replacements every few months. To guarantee your comfort, it’s advisable you buy gloves that fit snugly as this allows fresh air to circulate inside.

2. Helmet

As welder, you should avoid exposing your eyes to the arc. This is because the flying sparks and debris will eventually get logged into your eyes. Besides that, your eyes will feel swollen due to staring at the arc. With a helmet, you can weld without worrying about your eyes. In fact, you will be able to see exactly what you are doing to avoid making faulty joints. In addition to that, the helmet protects your entire head from the bad elements of the arc.

3. Welding Boots

Welding while in open or light shoes is a big mistake. This is because such shoes increase the risk of getting injured. If the floor you are working on is slippery, you can easily lose grip over the ground and fall with a thud. Moreover, the resulting sparks can also injure your feet. And that’s not all. You might accidentally drop a heavy metal on the floor. If such a heavy metal lands on your feet, you might have to go to the emergency room due to severe injury. Welding boots usually feature several layers of leather to help them absorb any impact that’s directed to your feet. They are also have a rugged sole to reduce chances of slip falls. You can view more details here.

4. Welding Apron

The sparks that are generated during the process of welding can easily ignite a fire. If you don’t wear an apron that covers your entire body except the head, your clothes will bear all the punishment. Besides that, the sparks can still injure you in if they come into contact with your skin. The apron that’s meant for welders is made from a special type of fabric that is resistant to fire. This helps in ensuring that your clothes don’t get burned during intensive welding procedures.

5. Welding Clamp

You can’t do a perfect weld if your work pieces keep moving. A welding clamp therefore comes in handy when you need to fit the various pieces firmly before hovering the arc above them. Besides that, the clamp is used when you need to cut metal into the desired length. In fact, a clamp works best when it’s mounted on a bench because it spares you from the tedious work of having to bend all the way to the ground. Moreover, when the work pieces are tightly held together, they can’t fall and injure your legs.