Ten Tricks To Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Want to make your home feel and look bigger? Here are some easy designer-approved tricks!

Photo: Siena Custom Builders, Inc

When buying a new home, many people prioritize lots of space as a feature they are looking for. Others prefer smaller, less spacious homes as they feel cozier and have a charming quality to them. Whether because of your budget or preferences, if you have a home with tighter space, you may have a difficult time decorating it to your satisfaction. Maybe it’s cumbersome to fit in all your furniture, and having friends over for a dinner party just isn’t realistic. These concerns may even prompt you to adjust your lifestyle so as to make the house feel less cramped. You might even begin to think about re-selling your home and finding one more accommodating.

With all this being said, keep in mind that a small space does not necessarily mean you should live in a crowded, cramped, and uncomfortable space. There are plenty of tips and tricks that will allow you to decorate your home in a cozy yet spacious way, and makes you feel capable of inviting your friends and family over whenever you like. Here are five of the best ideas to make your small home more spacious.

Use Neutral Colors

Many people don’t realize how important the colors of the walls are to setting the ambience of a space. Certain colors of paint create the illusion of a smaller – or bigger – space. Softer, more neutral paint colors are ideal as the will reflect a lot of light and make the space feel larger. Dark colors like blues and blacks enclose a space, making it smaller than it is. If you still want dark colors in your space, consider a dark accent wall while the rest of the walls are lighter. Whether you hire painters Charlotte NC, Austin Texas, or all the way up in Alaska, the same rules apply – lighter paint colors mean more space!

Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Mono means “one” or “similar”, so a monochromatic color scheme is one that uses the same base color but in different shades or tones. Mix up different shades of blue or green in different rooms in your house – for example, a cornflower blue in the living room but maybe an eggshell blue in the kitchen. An illusion is created such that it adds consistency to the look of the space but also makes it feel less crowded. Taking this tip too far, however, and painting everything the same color will make your space feel cramped and crowded.

Clear out the clutter

Although we may not want to admit it, we all accumulate things we no longer use or just don’t need. We often hide them in cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes, but something they just happen to hang all around the house. Do you really need multiple vacuum cleaners, and three drawers full of sweaters? First do a big sweet of your home to get rid and donate unnecessary items that you no longer need.

Move furniture out of the way

Once your space is cleared out, remove big storage units and furniture that isn’t needed any longer, and invest in smaller more compact items. Look into furniture that has storage space as part of it, like a couch with storage under the cushions or a bed with drawers underneath. This will help create more space and give your rooms a more open feel.

Light up the room

Whether natural or artificial, more light always creates a more spacious feel. Always aim for natural light, but if you have rooms that don’t get much, buy a few well-lit lamps for corners and side tables. Wanna create even more space using light? Add mirrors on the walls to reflect the light and add more dimension to every room.