Mistakes You Might Make As The Nursery Is Decorated

So many parents love decorating a nursery but the truth is they rarely have the objectivity needed to come up with perfect design.

Photo: McCroskey Interiors

Many mistakes are made in the heat of the moment. If you want to design a perfect nursery you need to think about so many things. It is not as easy as contacting Fix It Right Plumbing in Mornington Peninsula when you have to deal with some bathroom changes. You need to think about a lot more so here are some mistakes you absolutely have to avoid.

Improperly Choosing Furniture Size

This is an unexpectedly common mistake that happens way more often than people expect, especially in nurseries. Parents simply try to fit really big furniture or a lot of furniture. When this happens, the room is going to feel small and cramped. When the room size is not appropriate to accommodate large furniture, you need to opt for smaller items. This will create a more spacious, flowing feeling child’s room. You can also opt for empty walls to increase space perception.

Adding Way Too Many Colors

Color is not at all bad for a child’s room but this is not the case in the event you add too much. If you simply put in many different colors, the children’s room is going to end up with a look that is not at all cohesive.

In many situations the problem is the child has items of so many different colors. When this already happens, there is not much you can do since you want to make the child happy. However, a way to get around this is to stick to a couple of favorites that the child has and putting them together. You basically choose a color scheme, decorate with it and you end up with a room that comes together great.

Photo: Lauren Edith Anderson

Using Character Themes?

Does your child love Spiderman? If so, you are tempted to go for something Spiderman related to the overall room theme. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that character themes have an incredibly short life span. Baby animals can be cute but will you be ready to simply replace every single item as the child is a toddler and the baby animals are not a good match anymore?

An Inappropriate Rug Size

Choosing the wrong size for the rug is a huge mistake. This is especially the case when you have to decorate a smaller room. The wrong size for a rug will destroy the appearance created by a room that is otherwise perfectly designed. The large, centered rug has to be large enough to cover the floor and be put under the furniture. If it is smaller, the room ends up feeling awkward and smaller. When a small rug is preferred, be sure that it is anchored to an item, like a bedside table or a chair. Do not let it lie in the room’s center.

Photo: AFK Furniture

Not Working With Designers

Last but not least, if you feel overwhelmed, it is a huge mistake not to hire an experienced interior designer, one that has appropriate experience with nurseries. The help that you get can be quite valuable.