3 Steps to Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Living

Unifying your indoor and outdoor living areas is a fabulous way to make both spaces feel bigger and strengthen the visual appeal of your property as a whole!

Photos By: Unsplash

Using the same (or similar) flooring products in both your home and your garden is a simple yet effective strategy for achieving that seamless indoor / outdoor transition. Of course, only a select few materials are equally suitable for both internal and external use—porcelain tiles are a good choice, being easy to clean and of a low enough porosity to resist staining and withstand harsh weather conditions. In just three steps, then, here’s how to create a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces:

1. Find Indoor and Outdoor Flooring Materials That Match

As noted above, tiles are a superb choice for this sort of project, but you can use any weather-resistant flooring product you wish. Just make sure it’s something that will look brilliant for years in both your home and your garden! When laying your indoor / outdoor flooring, your aim should be to create the illusion of one continuous floor that starts indoors and spreads across the threshold, maintaining a consistent look and feel as you head outside.

2. Minimise the Barrier Between Your Home and Garden

You won’t be able to enjoy the full effect of your indoor / outdoor flooring if there’s too much of a wall between the two areas. Sliding glass and bi-folding doors are perfect for a project like this—they look very contemporary, and when they’re open, it really will feel like there’s nothing separating your internal and external spaces.

3. Furnish Both Spaces in a Similar Style

To really drive home the illusion that your garden is a seamless continuation of your living room, you’ll want to co-ordinate your indoor and outdoor furniture choices.

You probably won’t be able to use exactly the same items inside and outside, but you may be surprised at the huge variety of outdoor furnishings one can get one’s hands on nowadays. Whether your style leans more towards explosive extravagance or modern minimalism, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to furnish your outdoor space in just as attractive a manner as you’ve already decorated indoors.