These 6 Home Upgrades Can Make Your Home Feel Newer

Here are some home upgrades to make your home feel newer!

Is your home feeling a little stale? Has it been years since you last gave it an upgrade, or are you simply in need of some new ideas? If so, don’t stress. There are plenty of interior design projects that cost less than you’d think and can easily be done in two weekends or less. That means you could have a brand-new looking home without the hassle of straining your budget. To prove it, here are 6 home upgrades that can make your home feel newer in just one weekend!

Get New Windows

If you have old rickety windows, not only is it making your house look old, but then chances are they’re letting in a lot of your precious heating or cooling out. That means you need to run your air conditioner and heater for longer than is necessary- which wastes energy and costs you extra money in the process.

You can change this by replacing all those old drafty windows with newer, more efficient ones. If you factor in that the cost to replace windows is not outrageous there’s no reason to stick with single-paned windows, as today’s double-pane windows offer far better insulation so that less heat escapes from the house during winter months and just as much protection during summer. If such new windows sound like too big of an investment, large vinyl window makers offer many different styles that resemble traditional wood-framed windows but without the extra maintenance and added expense.

Upgrade Your Appliances

While replacing all major appliances might be too much for some people, there are other smaller appliance upgrades that can still make an impact. Replacing older light bulbs with high-efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs is one place to start. Replacing the showerhead in your bathroom can also make your home feel new. A regular shower with an outdated head wastes up to 10 gallons of water per minute; when you upgrade to a modern high-efficiency model that number drops down to 4 or 5 gallons. Replacing old appliances and updating old fixtures can easily save you 20% on your energy bill each month so the payback period is quick and the added expense is gone in no time.

Add New Flooring

Even if you don’t do a total home remodel, upgrading your carpet or flooring to new tile or hardwood floors can make a huge difference and add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Not only does it let people know that someone has been taking care of the house; but it also makes them feel like they’re walking on something clean and new. Flooring is one of those things that you really get what you pay for so just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the investment. Replacing worn-out flooring is one home upgrade that can make a world of difference in the overall appearance of your entire house.

Add New Countertops

If you have an outdated countertop with cracks or chips, not only does it make the area look older but if it’s an area where food is prepared there are health concerns as well. Whether it’s wood, laminate, stainless steel, or stone, new countertops are easy to install and will give your kitchen appliances a whole new shine while adding extra functional space for meal prep or just extra storage. When dealing with countertops choose a material that is easy to maintain and won’t show every little scratch. If you don’t want the hassle of unusual maintenance, choose a safe choice like plastic laminate as it’s durable and affordable as well as easy to clean.

Add A New Coat Of Paint

Paint is one of those things that can fix so many problems at once. If there are small nicks or scuffs on the walls, painting over them prevents dust from collecting in empty holes and makes even an older wall look fresh and new again. Even if you just do one room, choosing a brighter color or more contemporary color scheme can make your home stand out over others.

Add A New Outdoor Area

Adding an outdoor living area to your house is one of the least expensive renovations you’ll find (while adding an addition will easily cost hundreds of thousands, repairing older decks or building new ones costs much less). Whether it’s a fireplace, grill island, or patio dining set that inspires you; there are many ways to expand what you can do outside. You don’t even need to take out any walls if you’re limited on space as adding an outdoor living room at ground level by replacing old concrete pavers with interlocking wood planks makes a big difference and spices up the average backyard without major construction work. 

A home is a place that you grow up in and eventually raise a family. It’s the place where memories are made for life and it should be filled with things that make everyone feel happy and comfortable. Upgrading your appliances, counters, floors, or outdoor space makes the house look newer and more modern while still feeling like home to anyone who enters it.