Clear Your Countertops and Try these Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas!

Make some extra space in your kitchen with some of these super easy kitchen storage ideas! It’ll make twice as much countertop space than before!

One thing that most homeowners always deal with is a cluttered kitchen and not enough countertop space. There is always appliances, food, containers, you name it, littering the countertops and taking up valuable space. There are some simple ways you can easily free up more countertop space with the right organization and storage. Here are some ingenious storage ideas that are bound to make some more space on your countertops. Take a look:

Utensil and Spice Rack

Want to know an easy weekend cleaning hack that will save you half the time to clean your countertops? If you are like me and have a bunch of random utensils and spices that you use on the daily, make it convenient for yourself by arranging them into one practical basket. This shallow woven basket make a great tray to store a bunch of knick-knacks but have them at arms length. It’s also a wonderful solution to group clutter on your countertop, but make it look organized.

BETTER HOUSEKEEPER TIP: If you have a tiny countertop space, one of your ultimate goals is to keep it clear and keep things off of it. Sometimes it can actually be tricky and your countertops seem like a magnet for clutter. You should always try to sneak things away in convenient locations such as hanging paper towels underneath your cabinets on a towel rod, or keep sponges on caddies that hang inside your sink. Get creative, and you will soon realize that keeping your countertops clear, is easier than you think!

kitchen storage ideas basket of spices


Food Produce Wood Stand

This cute wood produce stand will make it feel like you are picking fresh fruits and vegetables every single day! It’s also a really pretty home decorating idea that is also super practical. It’s so easy to make using two wooden crates and lining them with a potato sack. This is a great way to organize your kitchen and also add a little extra storage space for potatoes, onions, and fruit that otherwise may not fit into your fridge.

The only thing you may want to watch out for with this wood produce stand is filter through your stand at least once a week. It’s so easy to keep taking fruit from the top and forgetting about what’s on the bottom, which means a perfect breeding ground for mould and rotten produce. Before you re-stock it with fresh fruits and vegetables, do a quick once over to see if there is anything “old” left on the bottom.

wood food produce stand diy kitchen storage ideas
Photo: Hative

Easy Knife Block

Knife blocks are great space savers in your drawers and are smart way to keep your knives sharp and in chef-ready condition. The purpose of knife blocks is to keep the blades dry and to prevent rusting. Many people have complained about wooden knife blocks actually dulling their blades, so a smart blogger has actually come up with a bean-filled glass vase that serves as a knife block. What an ingenious way to store knives and keep them at hand for a fun day of cooking! You can also use something like this to store special utensils such as a Buffalo Horn Handle Corkscrew that may not fit anywhere in your drawers.

BETTER HOUSEKEEPER TIP: Most professional knives already come with knife blocks, which is usually the preferred method of storage. If your knives currently do not have a knife block, create one on your own just like this one. It’s much better than to have your knives rattling around in the drawer with other metal objects leading to damage and dulling of the blade.

knife sand block diy idea kitchen storage ideasPhoto: Migonis Home

Easy Schedule Planning Station

It may be hard keeping your life on track, especially if you have a house full of kids. It’s easy to get everything organized with your own little DIY schedule planning station. Some people call this their own home command center, whatever you may call it, it’s one of the best things i’ve implemented into my home. Instead of sticking appointments and notes all over your fridge, organize them conveniently into a filing box at the end of your countertop. You’ll thank yourself for staying organized and being on time once and for all!

BETTERHOUSEKEEPER TIP: Most people organize their planning stations right where their home phone is, making it a convenient place for taking notes, charging cellphones, organizing appointments and updating their home schedule.

kitchen countertop organizing ideas
Photo: Lovely craft Home

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