The Benefits of Having Smart Technology in Your Home

Do you have smart home technology? You should. The latest innovations in housing come from inside, and they can make your life more efficient. They can also save you a lot of money. Inventors have discovered exciting ways to increase your personal security, add to your comfort, and save on the cost of your utility bill. Here’s a guide on the benefits of having smart technology in your home.

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Improved Security

Several kinds of smart technology will make you feel safer in your own home. Through programmable apps, you can activate lights in your home, even if you’re not there. Lights discourage thieves from entering, as they believe that an illuminated home has people in it.

Similarly, automated door locks ease your fear that you forgot to lock the entry points to your home. With a single click, you can verify that your doors and gates are shut. You can also add security cameras throughout your home. These devices are easy to install, and you can monitor all your rooms from your phone. Many of these products will also record video of unexpected movements. Should burglars get inside, the video can bust them and guarantee that they’re going to jail.

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Updates on Pets and Children

Smart technology also enables you to feel like you’re at home while at work. The side benefit of having cameras everywhere in your home is that you can monitor your children and pets. When you’re at work and feeling homesick, you can pull out your smartphone and see what’s going on at home. A napping child or playful pet is sure to put a smile on your face.

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Cheaper Energy Bills

The average American spends $110.21 per month on energy. A lot of the energy you consume gets wasted. That’s because you set your thermometer to a certain temperature, and it turns on whether you’re home or not. Smart devices like Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat overcome this issue.

The Nest will track your energy consumption, uncovering ways to save on consumption. It’ll turn off your device when you’re not home. It also learns the times when the ambient room temperature is sufficient. Google estimates that a Nest will save a consumer at least $131 annually on an energy bill, meaning that it’ll pay for itself in two years.

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Comfort and Convenience

Do you hate those moments when you’re finally settled in and comfortable on your couch, only to realize that you forgot to turn off the light? Did you leave the oven running at 400 degrees? When these situations occur, you have to get up and walk over to the switch. Sure, it’s a small aggravation in the greater scheme, but it’s still annoying.

With smart technology, you no longer have this problem. As long as your smartphone is close at hand, all you have to do is unlock your phone. Then, use the applicable app to manage your smart technology. In three seconds, you can turn off the oven and the lights, all while remaining nestled in on your couch. Due to its convenience, smart technology makes your house feel more like a home.

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Your Smartphone Does Everything

The most amazing part of smart technology is how easily you can control it. Inventors understand that the average American’s phone is never farther away than a purse or back pocket. As such, they’ve built apps that function as remote controls for the house. Once you unlock your phone, you can turn off the lights, check security footage, or change the temperature on your thermometer. You can operate every smart device in your home from your phone.

Since your smartphone is now the hub for all your technology, you need the best one possible. You should purchase the best one on the market, which is the iPhone 7 Plus paired with a reliable network such as T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. The iPhone effectively started the smartphone craze in 2007, and Tom’s Guide research shows that T-Mobile is the best wireless carrier today. With this combination, you will always have full control of your home apps. Best of all, you can buy your iPhone using your savings from smart technology!

Adding smart technology to your home is a no-brainer. Everything you add will improve your quality of life, and some of the enhancements will save you money, too!