Fix clogged pipes with these simple household items you already have!

Photo: Morton Plumbing

Photo: Morton Plumbing

There are countless reasons to pay attention to the plumbing in your home. You rely on your pipes to deliver fresh water when you go to the sink, and eliminate waste through a number of drains in your home. When an issue arises with your plumbing, it can lead to a costly situation. To minimize the amount of damage that is done when the pipes fail, it is a good idea to take preventative steps. Pay attention to simple ways to prevent a clogged drain and you will have an easier time maintaining your household.

Careful With Disposal

One of the easiest ways for you to clog your drain is by being careless with what you pour down it. While it might be easy to allow certain substances to slide down into the sink when you are doing dishes, you will find that some of these materials can do a great deal of harm to your drain. Grease might be one of the biggest culprits in this regard. When grease goes down the drain, it often settles in specific spots instead of following the entire path through the pipes. As the grease collects it forms clogs.

Photo: Cleaning - LovetoKnow

Photo: Cleaning – LovetoKnow

While this can be a frustrating problem to deal with, it is also one of the easiest issues to prevent. A simple solution to grease going in your drain is to be careful about how you dispose of specific substances. With grease, you will find that it is much easier to collect the substance in a coffee can or similar container while you are cooking. Once the can has been filled, you can easily throw it away with the rest of your trash. This will help you to keep your drain clean without much effort:

1) Hot Water:

Photo: WeLikeMakingOurOwnStuff Blog

Photo: WeLikeMakingOurOwnStuff Blog

Another easy step that you can take to prevent a clogged drain is to run hot water down the drain after each use. This is especially helpful for preventing a clog in your kitchen sink. As with the tip on grease above, this is a trick that you can use to eliminate the amount of clogging agents that get into your pipes. Oils tend to settle in plumbing, but hot water keeps everything moving in the right direction. All you need to do is turn on the hot water and let it run for a moment.

2) Baking Soda:

Photo: RedLandPlumbing UK

Photo: RedLandPlumbing UK

You can also add a bit of baking soda to the mix to clean out any substances that might have begun collecting. Sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda down the drain, no more than a teaspoon or two, and follow it with hot water. Not only will this help you to remove any clogging oils that have found a home in the pipes, you will be able to eliminate any foul odors that might have begun to form. Of course, when the problems are too complex it is a good idea to contact professionals for help with the issue.

A Happy Home

Paying attention to the pipes in your house can help you to keep your home in excellent condition. Follow these tips and see if they help. Taking time to provide regular maintenance on your pipes so that you can prevent clogs will allow you the chance to keep your home in the shape that it deserves to be in.