4 Things Your NEED to Do Before Guests Come Over

Have guests coming over? Make sure to take care of these 4 things before they arrive!

preparing-for-guests-how-toPhoto: HGTV

If you have guest coming over, you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare for their arrival. It’s only natural to stress out — especially if you just moved into a new house or haven’t entertained in a while. Just be sure to channel that emotional energy into something positive by taking these four steps before they arrive:

Stock Up on Food and Other Essentials

The need to stock up on food and other household essentials may seem obvious, but it can easily be forgotten in the pre-guest cleaning rush. Before heading to the store, plan out what food you will serve and make a list of what you need. If you plan to use disposable plates, silverware, cups, or napkins, double-check that you have enough to last. Don’t forget toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels, either. If you’ll be serving a meal, make sure your guests don’t have any food allergies you should be aware of.

Prepare Your Guest Room (and Bathroom)

If your guests will be spending the night, spend a few moments on little things that will make your guests feel extra welcome. Start with the guest bathroom and bedroom. Wash the bedding, fluff the pillows, dust, and vacuum. You can even set out a hotel-inspired tray with a bottled beverage, fancy sweets, and the Wi-Fi password. Next, give the bathroom a good cleaning and set out some fresh towels and travel-size toiletries.

Address Any Issues With Indoor Air Quality

Next, take a moment to notice something you usually take for granted: the air in your home. It’s easy to get used to weird smells and other indoor air quality (IAQ) problems in places where you spend a lot of time, so you may need to spend a little time elsewhere before making your assessment. When you walk through the door after a few hours away, do you notice anything unpleasant, such as a musty smell or sudden sneezing fits? If so, you may have some IAQ problems to address.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to improve your indoor air quality. Even simple steps, such as banishing cigarettes from the house and having a professional clean out your HVAC system, can make a big difference.

Make a Tentative Itinerary or List of Ideas

Whether you’ll be entertaining friends for a few hours or hosting your family for an entire weekend, it’s important to have some suggestions ready when the inevitable question is asked: “What should we do now?” Come up with ideas ahead of time to avoid wasted hours, awkward silence, and forced smiles. It’s a good idea to know what movies are out now and which new releases can be found on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. Have a few card games or board games on hand, check TV schedules, and have a few possible excursions planned.

Although it sounds cliche, here’s one last piece of advice: don’t be too hard on yourself. The dust you missed on the mantle, that stray sock under the couch, the flecks of toothpaste on the bathroom mirror — chances are, no one will notice but you. Do your best to make your guests at home and have fun. In the end, that’s what matters most.