5 Helpful Hints for Organizing Your Home Office

It seems like a home office is the first thing to get cluttered and the last thing to get organized. With all the papers, bills and supplies it’s easy for that room to become disorganized quickly. Luckily, there are easy tricks to help keep your home office organized even if you don’t have a lot of space. 

Use Wall Space

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There is a lot of space above your head that can help organize your home office. Floor to ceiling shelving looks chic, and offers space to store things you don’t use every day, while a peg board behind your computer allows easy access to the things you reach for on a daily basis. You can also use wall hooks to hang items on the wall so they are out of the way and not taking up storage space on the floor or in your desk.

Recess Your Furniture

If you have a small space and you need a lot of storage, recessed furniture offers a great alternative. If you have space between your walls, recess a hutch or even your desk to create more storage without taking up more of the valuable floor space in your home office. Just make sure you consult a contractor before starting this project to make sure your walls are right for the project.

Get Rid of the Cords

The quickest way for your office to look disorganized is to have cords all over the place. Since you can’t get rid of all your cords, at least keep them out of sight and untangled by using twist ties to keep the cords together and wall hooks to keep them tucked away under your desk.

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Go Paperless

You can’t get rid of all the paper in your office, but you can get rid of a lot of it. Scan anything you don’t need a tangible copy of into your computer and toss or recycle the paper version. Once you’ve rid your office of unnecessary paper, prevent new paper from piling up by signing up for online bill payment for any bills that offer it. You’ll be surprised how organized your office will look and feel when you get rid of those stacks of paper.


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Keep your office organized by categorizing and labeling everything. Keep all your office supplies in one drawer, and have a drawer or file with all the papers you weren’t able to toss. Keep your work files separated from your home files, and keep everything labeled and in the correct space. Keeping relevant things together will save you time and energy when you need to find something quickly. It also keeps the space neat and tidy, so you can be productive instead of worrying about the mess.

There is likely a lot of space in your home office that you don’t even realize is there. You can easily create more storage in your office, and actually free up more space in the process. After clearing the clutter, creating new storage, and following our home office organization tips, it will be easy to keep your office in top shape!

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