Cooking and Eating Healthier With These 4 Smart Apps

Eat clean and stay happy this summer with 4 smart apps that will help you along your way…

You’ve heard the saying a million times. Staying in shape requires the right combination of diet and exercise. Sweating extra calories out of your body requires free time and proper motivation. Eating healthy doesn’t require as much effort and can be as easy whipping up a nutrition shake. All you must do is learn which foods you already know you enjoy are also better for you. Plenty of apps exist to relay this information, too. Here’s a list of four apps that will help you eat healthier.


Chemical Cuisine

Celebrity chefs like Richard Blais and Wylie Dufresne have popularized the concept of molecular gastronomy. They’ve shown that applied science can enhance and extend the flavor of even the most popular dishes. What people have learned while researching the physical composition of each dish is how many needless additives food manufacturers include in each product. Many of them are not only less healthy but also more fattening.

Chemical Cuisine displays all the ingredients in the foods you buy, even the ones that corporations would rather you not know. For example, McDonald’s stopped using pink slime as an additive once the public learned of its presence. How many Happy Meals do you regret buying now? With Chemical Cuisine, you’ll know all this information from one of the best sources, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). It’s free to download and extremely beneficial to your well-being.

dirty dozen app

Dirty Dozen

Manufactured additives aren’t the only concern when you eat. Some of the worst things you put into your body are pesticides. Unless you eat food from your own garden, however, you have no way of knowing which chemicals are on the produce you eat.

Dirty Dozen takes the guesswork out of the process. It notifies you of the produce most likely to contain plenty of pesticides. There are 12 of them, which explains the name of the app. It also displays 15 types of produce that are largely clear of pesticides. This should inform your decisions on which produce to buy the next time you’re at the store.

Without this app, you’ll have to remember 27 varieties of produce. Since it’s easy to confuse the good with the bad, loading the software on your smart device is the best way to shop. You can easily discover the healthiest produce on your smartphone, and with a fast 4G LTE network from a carrier like T-Mobile, you’ll never wonder whether the produce you’re buying is likely to have pesticide residue.

fooducate app


Here is another app to help you perfect your grocery shopping. When you’re in the store, you’re in danger of shopping hungry. Research suggests that you should never do this since you’re likely to buy higher calorie foods, but shopping while hungry is unavoidable at times.

Fooducate will protect you from yourself. All you do is scan the bar codes for the items you’re thinking about buying. It’ll provide all the nutritional information, operating as an early warning signal that you’re about to buy something that’s bad for you. It’ll show the calorie count plus the other danger data such as fat content and servings of sugar. By using this app, you’ll have a safety net when you have to shop hungry, and you’ll stock your cabinets with better foods.

food tripping app

Food Tripping

One of the other ways you can improve your diet is by shopping at healthier stores. Sure, the grocery store is convenient, but major chains lack the specialty services of organic-focused establishments. This app will tell you about other stores in your area you should consider in lieu of your regular grocery market. Most of these places will offer much healthier choices. They tend to offer products that are fresher, which means they won’t have the same volume of additives as major retailers.

Food Tripping offers another advantage. One of the greatest dangers when you’re hungry is the temptation of fast food. It’s generally one of the worst things you can put in your body. If you’re starving, load the app. It’ll suggest healthier options in the immediate area, saving you from empty calories and artificial additives.

Eating healthy is easier than ever. All you need is your smartphone and the right apps. Download these four selections, and you’ll eat healthier every meal.

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