Front Yard Makeover: Easy Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Boost your home’s curb appeal with our front yard makeover ideas just about anyone can do!

When it comes to making your home look its best, it all starts right at the curb. Fantastic landscaping, a pristine walkway, and adequate lighting can make your home look bigger, more expensive, and plain glamorous. Here are some quick curb appeal ideas to make your home look it’s best:

1. Build a Garage Pergola

This is an easy project that you can do yourself, simply find a tutorial online and get wood working! A over the garage pergola boosts your home’s curb appeal and highlights one of your homes best features, the garage. Painting it a contrasting, neutral color like off-white makes it look elegant and posh.

curb appeal diy garage door pergola
Photo: Zillow

2. Make Your Front Door Stand Out with Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a great way to bring some greenery and life to your front door. Place two tall pots symmetrically beside your front door to really make it stand out. There are tons of online tutorials where you can make your own planter boxes out of wooden pallets and even concrete tiles.

front door plantar boxes
Photo: Hometalk

3. Customize Your Porch Columns

Thin scrawny porch columns look cheap and old, but you can easily beef them up with a few pieces of wood! With some simple woodworking skills a little effort over the weekend you can make your porch columns look expensive plus boost your homes curb appeal and value – with very little cost. 

diy porch columns

4. Amp Up Your Landscaping

Making your landscaping look its best is an old trick in the book for curb-appeal-boost but it really works! If you haven’t got a clue about landscaping, you can always hire a professionals or, or check out some DIY tutorials on easy landscaping. 

curb appeal landscaping