The 411 on Fixing a Broken Water Heater

My water heater broke this weekend and I learned a few must-know tips for every homeowner!

A hot shower in the morning is just anyone needs to wake up! Many people get up and get a hot shower without giving much thought to what makes the hot water. Having a properly functioning hot water heater is vital for showering and even for washing the dishes. Get familiar with this appliance so that you know exactly how to act when a water heater repair arises. Here are some of my top tips:

how to fix a water heater

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Know Where the Water Heater is

The first thing that a homeowner will need to know is where the water heater is. The last thing that you want is to have a leak or other issues that cannot be addressed due to the fact that you do not know where your water heater is. If you are unable to find it on your own, then you will need to take the time to call in a homeowner to give you hand. They will be able to show you where it is and give you a basic rundown on how to work it.

What Type of Water Heather Do You Have?

The next thing that you will need to find out is what type of water heater you have. There are gas and electric water heaters out there and they are both drastically different. A gas water heater operates with a pilot light. If the pilot light gets blown out, it could lead to gas being dispersed throughout the home. In order to get a gas water heater repaired properly, you will have to find a professional that is experienced with these repairs.

how to fix a water heater easy

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How to Shut Off the Water Heater

Another very important thing that you will have to find out about your hot water heater is how to turn it off. There are a number of situations that will require you to shut off the water heater, namely when there is a leak. If you are unable to shut the water heater off during this type of situation, then you run the risk of having a lot of water damage to deal with. A professional can show you how to turn your water heater off with ease. Getting this type of information is important and vital when trying to reduce damage to your home.

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