Signs Of Ant Infestation You Need To Be Aware Of

In the natural world, ants are among the most hardworking and diligent insects!

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Did you know an ant can lift 40 times its body weight? These are some of the statistics that show how ants can be productive. If you’re yet to see an ant colony, you should know that they reproduce fast. Seeing one ant means there are thousands you’re yet to see. While an ant infestation isn’t as dangerous as such, it can be nagging and a nuisance. If you observe a few ants in your house, this is no big deal. However, the problem arises when there’s a colony of ants inside your walls. And especially if they’re carpenter ants. It pays to be vigilant about ants, and here’s what to look for.

If You Notice A Colony

You can start by taking a walk around your yard. This can also include the front and back lawns of your house. If you note there’s an ant colony present in your yard, you’re going to have a big problem. If you want to exterminate, it would be best to research how to get rid of ants from the internet. Additionally, you can also visit an agro vet to procure some insecticides. Studies show that ants travel long distances looking for food. This means walking from your yard to the kitchen is no big issue for them. Ants live in thousands of numbers in a colony, so don’t be fooled if you notice a few ants on the surface. Beneath the pile of dirt, hundreds if not thousands of ants are lurking.

Ants Overrun Your Exposed Food

If you haven’t experienced pest issues in the past, you might have a habit of leaving food leftovers exposed in the open. Many people also keep items in their pantry in their original containers. If ants infest your kitchen, these items are not safe. Ants will sniff out the uncovered food, and you will find them crawling along with worker ants trying to salvage as little as they can. It will help if you employ measures to prevent such problems. We recommend storing food in tight containers or inside the refrigerator to keep the ants out.

Observe And Listen To The Walls

If carpenter ants infest your house, an excellent way to spot them is by listening to your walls. Since carpenter ants are active during night hours, you might hear small rustling noises as they build their nests. Additionally, you could also try knocking on the walls to see if they sound hollow. If your wall was made using solid wood, a hollow sound means an ant or a termite infestation.

Are There Wood Shavings Present?

Carpenter ants are very active and will burrow into any woodwork quickly. This means they will leave a trail of sawdust and wood shavings in their wake. Each time you’re cleaning your floors, it will help if you examine what you’re sweeping up. If you observe wood shavings in your debris, it’s time to call the exterminator.

While storing food properly and discarding rotten wood can prevent an ant infestation, there’s no way to ensure 100 percent that your home is ant-free. If you observe any straying ants in your home, there are most likely a thousand more that you cannot see. If your house is infested with ants, we recommend hiring a professional pest exterminator.

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