Don’t Toss it Yet! Here’s How to Revive a Dead Plant back to Life

That wilted plant you’re thinking of tossing out might still have some life left! Check out our tips on how to get it green again!

wilted_plantIt happens to all of us, you forget to water your plants, or you accidentally give them too much sun. Pretty soon you start to notice them wilting or turning brown, but don’t worry! That plant might still be salvageable! Read on to find out!

1. Look the plant over carefully for any signs of life. If the stems or roots have a hint of green and aren’t brittle, that’s a sign the plant is still alive.

2. Trim off any dead stems and leaves. If there is no green remaining, leave the main part of the plant stem.

3. Water the plant thoroughly. If it’s necessary, add more soil to the pot.

watering plant4. Place the plant in a sunny window. Avoid places that are too cold or too hot, it could prevent the plant from growing.

5. Mist the plant every day, ensuring that the soil is moist and in 3-4 weeks you should start to see signs of life.

Photos: Plant Shed, Ed Place.