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How to Make Your Backyard Ready for Next Summer

Did you miss out on all kinds of fun summer activities because your backyard is one big mess? Don’t let next summer catch you off guard as well, it’s high time you started planning your backyard remodel.

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How to Decorate Your Home without Breaking the Bank

For many of us there’s nothing better than redecorating our homes, but if you’re on a tight budget then you’ll need to find out how to decorate without breaking the bank. Follow our tips to keep your bank balance healthy!

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Ready to Upgrade? Things to Ponder While Expanding Your Living Space

Unless you’re a trustefarian (trust fund baby!) or you’ve recently experienced a windfall, you likely have to make changes to your home on a gradual basis like the rest of us. At that point, it’s a matter of prioritizing. What drives you the most nuts? That’s obviously what you should change first! But of course […]

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Top Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

 Remodelling a kitchen is typically one of the most expensive parts of a home to rejuvenate, but since it is such an important part of a property, it can certainly increase the value of your house and your enjoyment of it to boot.

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Sleep in Style – Selecting a Stylish Duvet Cover

Forget about furnishings and wallpaper, the hottest design trends for the bedroom are found in your duvet cover. Your Bed is by far the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and the focal point that draws attention.

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3 Lighting Ideas for Brightening Your Home at Night

Electricity lets us stay up after sundown without missing a beat. Unlike our ancestors, we have nearly unlimited options when it comes to how we spend our time after it gets dark outside—reading, cooking, hosting a party, you name it! And thank goodness, right? Photo: My Lists of Lists But in order to enjoy every […]