The Three Popular Types of Homes You Should Consider

If you’re thinking of buying a new home, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the types of homes out there!

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Real estate agents often use dozens of different names to describe a home. While this is useful, you’ll ultimately only need to focus on a handful of styles. The three main types of homes include:: 

Multifamily Design Homes

If you are considering investing in multifamily homes, you have many benefits to consider. One of the most significant is that you can house many families in a single building, allowing you to charge a higher combined rent. This will result in a bigger profit margin for you as the multifamily property owner. You should also consider what kind of tenants you’d like to live in your building. You can choose tenants who respect the neighborhood and your property.

In addition to the traditional types of multifamily homes, there are also some emerging trends that you can look for in your next investment. The healthiest multifamily homes have the latest amenities, including fitness centers, workout rooms, and more. You can get the best house and land packages in Australia for your next multifamily home. Some apartments even have their own pools. A pool and a gym are important parts of any multifamily property, and this can attract renters to your building. This trend is growing rapidly and will likely continue into the future.


Bungalows are an inexpensive housing option that appeals to many buyers. They are popular with young families and homeowners with mobility problems because of their single-floor design. Because they are all on one floor, you won’t have to worry about stair climbing, and this can keep the family together. Bungalows are great for expanding the home, too. You can add an additional floor to the bungalow above the half-story, or you can expand the home to add an attached garage or loft space. 

Bungalows were originally popular in America. This type of home features clapboard siding and is usually one-and-a-half stories. They may not have formal parlors or dining rooms and have a symmetrical floor plan, an open plan, and built-ins.

Coach Styled Homes

When considering a move into a new home, coach homes are a great choice. These walk-up structures, with four to twelve units per building, feature stylish finishes and expansive floor plans. As part of a community, residents often enjoy regular social events and activities. This provides a sense of belonging and security and makes for a great downsizing option. These homes are affordable in most cases and easy to rent.

They offer more space than flats and may even be rented out as a whole. A coach house is typically cheaper. They are also more space-efficient than a standard detached garage. If you are considering a coach house, it can be a good option for you.