How to Create a Comfy and Welcoming Guest Room

Preparing your guest room and home for future guests can be a very enjoyable experience, and helping your visitors feel comfortable and welcomed can be very satisfying!

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When planning your guest room, it can be a good idea to think about what you’d like to have if you were staying at somebody’s home and start from there. Whether you are setting up a guest room in your home for the first time or want to make some improvements to your current guest room, here are some tips for creating a welcoming and comfortable space. 

Provide a Comfortable Bed

Don’t use the oldest and saggiest mattress that you have in your guest room. Providing a comfortable bed with a supportive mattress will ensure that your guests have the best sleep experience when staying with you. Review this post from Zoma to find out more about choosing the right mattress for your guest room including mattress sizes and dimensions to help you choose one that fits well. 

Keep it Minimal

It can sometimes be tempting to use your guest bedroom for storing all those items that you have nowhere else to put in the home, especially if you don’t often have guests to stay and the room isn’t in use a lot. However, it’s a good idea to keep things minimal when you have guests coming over, whether you have a clear-out so that you don’t need to use the room for storage or find somewhere else to put your stuff before your guest arrives. Less is more – a tidy room with more space will be more comfortable and relaxing. 

Provide Extra Bedding

Along with supplying clean and comfortable bedding for your guests, it’s a good idea to have an extra set of bedding and some bath linens available for your guests. Small touches can make all the difference such as offering an additional pillow that is an option they can take if they want it. 

Provide Somewhere Comfortable to Sit

Adding an armchair or side chair to the room can make a huge difference. You might want to consider creating a small reading corner in the room, or just supplying somewhere comfortable to sit. Some people don’t feel very comfortable sitting on a bed to read or get work done, so keep your guests happy by giving them the option to have somewhere comfortable to relax or work that isn’t the bed if they don’t want to go into the main house. 

Upgrade the Lighting

Strategic lighting is always useful for a bedroom since people use bedrooms for more than just sleeping. Dimmable lights in the guest room are a good idea since your guests can easily dim the lights low when they are relaxing before going to sleep and turn them up bright in the morning when they are getting dressed and ready to start the day. Make sure that there is a bedside lamp or a reading lamp in the room, so they can switch a light on without having to use the main light. 

Add Some Drawer Space

Drawer space or closet space in a guest room is a good idea, especially if you are going to have guests staying for some time. You don’t have to add a lot of furniture into the guest room, but somewhere for them to hang clothes up and a small set of drawers for them to keep their essentials in can make all the difference. 

Whether you’re often entertaining guests or simply want a guest room so that family and good friends have somewhere comfortable to sleep if they stay with you, keep these tips in mind to create a relaxing, welcoming space.