Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Fully Clean And Disinfectant During The Coronavirus

Keep your home clean and the virus out with these effective disinfecting methods!

Everyone dreads COVID-19. Unfortunately, the infection rate continues to rise worldwide. So there’s no option but to enhance safety both at home and away from home. When you clean your home with a detergent or soap you reduce the number of germs on your home surfaces. Consequently, you reduce the risk of infection. While cleaning alone removes the visible particles and viruses on home surfaces, disinfection reduces the transmission of COVID-19 by killing the most hidden germs. These are the easy ways to keep your home fully clean and disinfected during the coronavirus: 

Regularly Clean All the High-Touch Surfaces

You frequently open the doors whether you are coming in or moving out of the house. Sometimes you may forget to sanitize your hands before touching the doorknobs. Your hands may be carrying the COVID-19 germs. Therefore, you increase the chances of spreading infection at your home.  To be safer against coronavirus, you must clean your home surfaces often. Clean these high-touch surfaces as soon as some visitors leave your home.

Handles, light switches, countertops, and tables are also high-touch surfaces that you must regularly clean to remove any available germs. As for the other surfaces at your home, clean them when they are visibly dirty.  However, if some of your household members have a high risk of COVID-19 infection, disinfect your home regularly. Choose domestic disinfectants that may not have other health consequences for you and your family.  Read the product labels to understand which disinfectants are suitable for different home surfaces. Follow the application guidelines to the latter to enhance your safety and that of your entire family.

Seek Professional Assistance

When you’re entering a new home, professional cleaners can help you clean and disinfect your home. They can make your home ready and suitable for staying at. According to professional cleaners at Well Polished, professional cleaners can clean your home and give you some free time to concentrate on other important things. Therefore, if you’re ending your tenancy and you want to leave your former house clean, seek professional assistance. The experts use suitable domestic cleaning agents and disinfectants. They can reduce the contamination on your home surfaces.

Clean and Disinfect Your Home When a Family Member Is Sick

Due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 infected patients, many countries are opting for home-based care services. Therefore, if you have a sick patient at home, you must disinfect your entire house every day. This way you’ll kill all the germs that could be spreading and secure the rest of the family from contracting COVID-19. Likewise, if you’re caring for a COVID-19 infected patient, follow the cleaning guidelines given to you as the caregiver by your country’s ministry of health. 

Disinfect all the utensils these patients use. Disinfect their rooms and the lavatory area the patient uses. As you disinfect their items, ensure you fully protect yourself. Wear some gloves and remove them immediately after you finish cleaning. Disinfect their clothes and bedding and only clean these clothes with some gloves on. Remember, appropriate disinfectants are more effective if you use them appropriately. Some disinfectants require you to wet the surfaces minutes before you spray them.

If you’re using a disinfectant that does not have detergent, clean your home with soap or a detergent before you disinfect it. Put on some personal protection gear like eye protection if the disinfectant you’re using requires you to cover your eyes. Wear some gumboots as you clean a COVID-19 patient’s room. Remove the gear before you go to other rooms to reduce your risk of spreading the germs. Some bleach solutions can also act as viable disinfectants against COVID-19. Read the product label to be sure your disinfectants can kill COVID-19 causing germs. 

Clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water immediately after you remove your protective gear. Also, ensure your house is well ventilated at the time of cleaning to reduce your chances of suffocating. You can spin your bedroom fan as you clean the bedroom. Let the fan run for a few minutes after disinfecting the room. Open all your doors and windows to allow contaminated air to move out and allow fresh air into your home.

COVID-19 is a deadly viral disease that you must protect yourself and your loved ones against. If you have a sick person that’s battling the disease, allow them to clean their rooms if they can. Supply them such supplies as cleaners, disinfectants, paper towels, and tissue papers. Remind them to disinfect all the surfaces and items they use. This way you can kill existing germs and prevent the spread of the same to other rooms with healthy family members. 

Always wear protective gear when you’re cleaning a home surface you suspect could have COVID-19 germs. Proper ventilation is also vital during the cleaning process. When you must seek professional cleaning services, do it. Disinfect the high-touch surfaces at your home frequently to reduce the risks of COVID-19 infections.